Sunday, February 28, 2010

Light, Camera, Actions Items List

Hey Folks,

First off what an amazing weekend.
What amazing people (both behind the scenes and behind the cars).

I'm super excited to see what the other agents do, but I'm even more excited to see the ideas I've already started plotting out come to fruition.

Speaking of seeing things.

7 hours ago, I'm behind the wheel of a car speeding along the private Ford racetrack - The Proving Grounds... and then I'm touching down in LAX and racing off to see my first sketch that is being performed at IO West (formerly the improv olympic- which is ironically playing the winter olympics in their bar even though they were forced to change their name to IO by said program)

Back track - racing to watch 1st sketch in IO's top Story Weekly, a Weekend Update/Onion style news sketch show.

I just started writing for them, this is merely the 2nd sketch I turn in - and it's one of 3 that appear as headlines on the program cover for the show. (Pumped? yes, yes I am).

The Sketch "Lady Navy" is about the lift on the ban of women in Submarines.

My amazing cast is:
Artemis Pebdani
Derek Reid
Baille Des Rocher
Jimmy Guidish
Matt Moore

Yes, that's right the same Artemis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Now that's a great capper to the caper that was this weekend.

I gotta crank out some things

here's my action items list:
  • upload pics to flickr (from the weekend)
  • tag stuff #fiestaLA or #fiestamovement (talk about, "check, done" (just then, see what I did(I like Parenthesis!)))
  • Showering
  • go unconscious
  • start again
  • pow wow with Jen - kick ass, take names, write apologies to families of those who's asses have been kicked.

Stay Strong,


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lisa Simpson in the House!

Hey Folks,

Yesterday Jen and I landed in Detroit, got our tech package met a bunch of other agents and the marketing guys (everyone is super awesome).

And then Lisa Mother F'ing Simpson showed up! I've known Becca like 3 years know via youtube, but this was the first time we've met in person. It was so cool though, we didn't skip a beat it was just like we'd seen each other just last week and were just meeting up again. We had a great time.

Picture #241

She came barring gifts too! Beer and Chocolates. and they're both amazingly good, local made stuff.

I'll upload pics of the stuff later, cause right now I've gotta run to Ford HQ!

Stay Strong,


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ford Race Track?

Hey Folks,

I can't be 100% sure, but I do believe come Saturday morning, I'll be whipping around this sucker.

Stay Strong,


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure - With My Life!

Hey Folks,

I've got a bunch of things coming up, a bunch of things I always want to do and I'm sitting here thinking - why wouldn't I let other people pick for me?

So let's give this a shot. I'm trying to set up photoshoots, I really want to do more of this kind of fantasy stuff.

That picture was really my first time experimenting with that kind of photoshop work - and I can see so many things I would like to have compensated for...

Anyway that's neither here no there.

The choice I'm presenting you is this!
Which Model Should I shoot Next?

Stay Strong,


Pretty Girls Presents : It's a Fact! - free speech and phone bills

Hey Folks,

@JulieRasmussen Ponders about free speech and phone bills...

This has been Pretty Girls Presents : It's a Fact!

Stay Strong,


Pretty Girls Presents : It's a Fact!

And now another Pretty Girl Presents : It's a Fact!
Today - Krystyl Baldwin has some sound advice on catching rats!

This has been Pretty Girls Presents : It's a Fact!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Holding Pattern

Hey Folks,

God I'm kind of just going through the motions this week. I'm like sleepwalking through the days until Friday rolls around.

I almost called off Video Fight Club for the week, because the actress was running late.
Now I'm sitting on some videos I could be editing. I could be setting things up for future projects. Hell I could be doing laundry.

But man I just want to float along until Friday, until I'm in Detroit.

Hell I've still got the spare tire on my car. Not that I've been driving it anywhere, but I wanted to take care of that already.

It's not that I'm not doing things, I'm actually still just as busy as always but I can feel "it" inside me. I want to be a sloth. I want to Sleep the days away and wake up on an East bound plane.

You know something big is coming and it's like "Can I just stop doing this crap already?"

Not that I do crap, I mean sometimes, but don't judge! :)

So here I sit in a holding pattern, waiting to taxi to my destination (both literally and figuratively.) In the meantime I best be running off so I can scarf food and head over to the top story weekly writers meeting.

Stay Strong,


Monday, February 22, 2010

I feel Good!

Hey Folks,

Can I just say, that aside from the whole someone stealing my tire thing, I've pretty much felt this way all week. I've been holding up my fist in the air John Bender Style, getting some solidarity from whatever gods may be.

Vintage T-Shirts: Don't You Forget About Me T-Shirt Vintage T-Shirts: Don't You Forget About Me T-Shirt

Now, maybe I didn't get to make out with Molly Ringwald and show up that lame Jake Ryan. Maybe I didn't find out a little something about myself while sticking it to the principal in what was the world longest day of detention. but I feel good. Dammit.

I hate to ask this but, Who remembers the Breakfast Club? & who out there has never seen it?

Stay Strong,


How to Curse a Car Thief

Hey Folks,

In response to my recent car theft, I made this video.

Stay Strong,


Music Monday Top 5 Feb 22

Hey Folks,

5) The Lashers - Yesterday Feels Like a Year
Why: This was actually a total accident. I was looking for songs on and I hit the space bar to stop the current video. But whatever happened, instead of stopping it queued the next song and this came on. And I liked it! :)

4) Cursive - Dorothy at Forty
Why: This is actually the most played song on my iTunes. I'm a little shocked my ownself. I mean I love it. It's a great song, And yes I've only had this line up of songs on my iTunes for like 3 years (that's when I got the computer)... but still it seemed pretty recent for this song to have beaten out bands like All, Pegboy and the Misfits. I mean things that I've had in my rotation for almost 2 decades.. but there it is, this is my most played song on this computer.

3) The Hold Steady - Chips Ahoy!
Why: So oddly enough, I was reviewing a recently finished project, when I logged in to archive the casting call and found that there were 4 new submissions. Sadly I'd already shot the piece, but amongst the submissions was the girl from this video. Odder still a friend had previously to me he had a crush on her the night before!

2) Sonic Youth - Silver Rocket
Why: Yesterday I tweeted about how under rated I thought Sonic Youth was. They're one of my top 20 bands of all time, maybe even top 10. Hell maybe even top 5. Yes they're that good. I acknowledge, they've done some shit I don't care for. They've experimented and from time to time made stuff I didn't care for.. but then there are songs like Silver Rocket, Dirty Boots and everything off 'Day dream nation' that will always make them one of my favorite bands.

1) Avail - Hang
Why: Honestly this was a mistake. Someone wrote a status update about some other band, Anvil or something... and boom the memory sparked. I instantly thought of Avail. I thought of this song. I thought of their cover of 'Pink Houses' I thought of the album 4am. I thought of John Davies who burnt me a copy of this album. So I present one of my favorite songs from this epic band that sport the lyrics "i heard you got robbed last week, did you know i got shot last night?"

Stay Strong,


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blackberry Whiskey Chicken

Hey Folks,

The other day I wanted to do something different. I kind of wanted something like Orange chicken... or lemon chicken, something with a big of a fruit zing but not fried.

I looked around the fridge and cabinets and pulled out these contenders.

When I was done with it, I had this:

Sorry It's not all in focus, it smelled so good I dove in!

So here's what I used:
1 tbsp butter (or oil for skillet)
1 large chicken breast
1 Medium onion
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp whiskey
about 1/3 Blackberry preserves

ignore the peanut butter - I was going to use it and ended up forgetting. but in theory add a tbs see what happens.

So Here's what I did:
Put butter in skillet.
Cook Onions 2 minute
Cut chicken breast in to strips
Add chicken to Skillet.
Cook 8 to 12 minutes till Chicken is done.
remove from pan

Add preserves, whiskey, soy sauce to pan - Fork whisk till mixed and starts to bubble.

Add chicken and onions, stir. Cook 5 minutes.


Pump fist into air.

Stay Strong,


Zanzabar Ambrams the Third

Hey Folks,

So in talking to my pregnant friend I've come up with the world best Baby name - I call dibbs, no backies!

Zanzabar Ambrams would put Indiana Jones to Shame.
He'd be all wearing leather, and a fedora, and eating tacos right up in your face.
Then he'd be like "that's was delicious, suck it." and then whoever it was, would.

Stay Strong,


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nerd Proof Team Logo

Hey Folks,

Just whipped this up. To be clear Eddie Coleman did the SamProof stencil and I did Jen (and the text, layout, etc).

Also for those interested I created a fiesta portal on the SamProof Ning here.

Stay Strong,


Picture Pages, Picture Pages! Jennie Newman

Hey Folks,

Here are the first polished peices from yesterdays photo shoot.

I've been playing around with longer exposures, low light, some planned photoshop pieces, Photography as graphic design.

I had the idea for this picture for a long time and never tried it.

I know I'll end up trying to recreate it, do it better, make it bigger, better, faster, stronger.

It's by no means perfect. But for my first try I'm pretty pleased with it, though I can instantly see about 6 problems right away. But instead of picking it apart I'm gonna let it breath.

Stay Strong,


Friday, February 19, 2010

Onward Ho! Team NerdProof Plans in action

Hey Folks,

This snowball is rolling along! Everyday seems to be a new barrage of emails and things to fill out, and send back to Ford - And I like it that way.

The moments after I've filled out the paperwork, sent in the pictures, replied to the emails... I'm just sitting there (unless some one steals a wheel off my car, then I'm thinking up creative curses to enchant the thief like "May you find yourself the recipient of an itchy distended spleen" OR "I hope you get Super AIDS" - I learned this from my dear friend Jim Tucker, who has all but disappeared from life.) So I like the momentum of things to do and be done and sent away in to the ether.

Today my inbox looks like this:

Today "this shit, just got real yo"

To start with we got our NDA's which I'll have to sit down with later, print out, skim over, pretend I comprehend, and then sign away my life. I find it pretty ironic to have an NDA for what is essentially a gigantic PR/Social Media campaign.

I think they should probably have a MDA (Mandatory Disclosure Agreement)
I could only guess what those stipulations would be like
  • Please disclose the awesomeness of the product (in a postive light)
  • Tweet often about the fun the product brings to you
  • Dailybooth at least every two days for 4 months pictures of you enjoying the product
  • Blog at least once a month how sexually arousing the product makes you feel.

And now here's a picture.

I'm still futzing around with the text (fonts, colors, layer styles...) so if you have opinions let me know!

Stay Strong,


Wait, What - Facebook notification Irony

Hey Folks,

This just caught my eye. Irony much?
Justin - you're busted.

This has been a Wait, what?! Moment.

Stay Strong,


Thursday, February 18, 2010

A funny thing happened to me on the way home from improv...

Hey Folks,

I've had a weird feeling all day, swear. Mostly I thought it was all the victory food I'd been eating to celebrate.

So tonight after my improv practice I head off to get in my car and drive home. I have stuff to do! I click my bobble and the car chirps to life (interestingly with no sigh of having gone off - usually it'll chirp a certain way if it had been activated. Today, normal).

I do a double take, cause even though I've hit the alarm and it responded, the car doesn't look like mine... then my brain makes the connection - There's a rock where I should have a wheel.


As my friend Quentin asks:

My Answer : Criminals.

But that's not all, they also took the front wheel cover.

But hey - they left me two lug nuts. So After going back in to our rehearsal space and grabbing Max, and his sisters jack I throw the spare on and can actually make it home. Where I am now.

I don't even know what to do from here. It's not something I'm going to waste on the cops, my insurance won't give two shits about it... so all I can do is wait until morning and go drop more money that I don't have to get a new one (and rim, tire and all).

Awesome. I hope this got you laid ass hat.

Stay Strong,


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Get your Bump On - bumps in the Night S2 Ep1

Hey Folks,

Not too long ago I Directed an episode of the web series Bumps in the Night.

Well it's up!

Stay Strong,


My New Car

Hey Folks,

In theory this is what my car will look like. I really wish it had a neon green Godzilla, or the monsters from Rampage romping about. But it's pretty fat looking anyway!

Stay Strong,


Something Amazing Happened to me on the Way to the Forum...

Hey Folks,

This is a story about dichotomy, cosmic balance and the old axiom "You can't be truly happy without having suffered" - well maybe. Mostly this is a blog, that I hope doesn't make you too jealous. :D

So yesterday was suck.

I dragged on through unmotivated to do much of anything.
I tried to treat myself to Sushi, tried to make myself feel "up" but it just wasn't in the cards.

I tried editing videos, tried blogging, tried organizing some photo shoots (which I actually did get accomplished). And then in the wee hours of the night, a few fingers of whiskey and the haze of depression looming I tried to do something instantly creative and gratifying, I took self portraits.
Picture #236

Then I watched LOST one Hulu and went to sleep. Somewhere in the middle of the night my phone, drained of it's battery - shut off. My alarm clock now docile I slept in, I slept till about 1pm at which point in my half awake haze I looked on to my facebook and twitter confounded.

Tons of tweets congratulating myself and @JenFriel and so on... except that last one (technically top one). I just included that because the implication of Pearl in this bikini - too hot.

I immediately found my dead phone and plugged it in, opened gmail and sat in wonder as an email from Ford was congratulating me.

Then I freaked out.

I Pumped my fist in the air, I yelled Attah!, I moshed around the apartment (which was particularly hard because I was still putting clothes on).

Then I texted Jen, called the Ford guy, emailed him, and lost my mind.

I can't help but think some giant door has opened, some weight has been lifted, some unexplained cosmic alignment has found it's way in to my 9th house of.. whatever it is...

Last year was the worst year of my life, and I've been determined to make 2010 the best year of my life to counter it. - This helps, alot.

I want to do something amazing this year not just on a personal level - put on an entertainment level. If it's not publish my novel it's going to me something video oriented. And it's probably going to come out of this.

So the main question that's on my mind is... Jen Friel (Queen of Nerds) & I are now a team so what the hell do you name such a team of awesomeness? Suggestions?

Stay Strong,


PS - nobody tell my Camry about this... she's old and fragile

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Zeus Shall Returnith!

Hey Folks,

If you've been following along recently you may have noticed a series of of events/posts that you've either linked together or haven't.

I've been really freaking busy (so much so that my plan to do one youtube video a week has failed). A friend of mine recently lent me his blue screen. It's awesome!

Picture #228

So far the only thing you'll see it's been used in (videowise) is this week's Video Fight Club promo with Jen Friel And that's pretty basic stuff. I've got something coming up that's crazy big. In fact I'm procrastinating writing this blog cause I'm almost intimidated to start working on it.

This week I organized a photoshoot, brought on a Hair Stylist, a Make Up Artist (who sadly ended up bailing due to a dead car) and two models. Then I took the Zeus Toga out of retirement.

Picture #232

Yes that's right Zeus is coming Back!

But you've never seen Zeus like this!

Picture #234

Yep I'm stepping up my game to more then just me in a dress. I'm doing some crazy fnal cut and after effects maneuvers to turn Zeus in to a Jib Jab/Clip Critics style bobblehead. Technically I'll be making an animation of myself and my beautiful Greecian assistants.

I'm not making this total common knowledge yet, but this first video will actually be the results of the Battle of the Youtube Nonstars Round 2 video. So it'll be a twofold come back for me.

Stay Strong,



Hey Folks,

So a long long time ago I took pictures. I studied photography, I analyzed composition, I went to school for it.

My teacher within a few months turned to me and said, "Sam, you use the dark room continue to produce work regularly and you're guaranteed an A". I never did a homework assignment, never paid much attention to classes (hell my memory of even going to classes is limited to that first day in class. but maybe I went, probably not).

In honest having free reign like that, was both awesome and limiting. I peaked before I understood what I wanted from the medium.

These days, I'm lucky if I do one major photo shoot a year. I live for those moments.
You organize this event, bring on a hair stylist, a make up artist, maybe a wardrobe girl... you find models, locations, buy props, sketch a thousand little thumbnails, set up lights, peak in to the dressing room a hundred times, watch the hair sculpting process and then finally make magic happen. You turn the girl next door in to something she never believe was in herself.

I want to start doing photo shoots again. I'm dedicating my Fridays right now to shooting (until the day I have to get a day job again, which could be closing in fast).

I want to fill this portfolio with a million images.

Stay Strong,


Monday, February 15, 2010

So Many Stalks!

Hey Folks,

ZOMG So in the last 2 hours I've been IRL and eStalked!

sorta... more like a drive by stalking

I see you @samproof !!!
See me? (click for bigger)

Then Jen Friel posted one of my status updates as the 'Facebook Status O'El Dia'

Good times. I should be finishing editing a video, but man I'm fading fast.

Stay Strong,


Music Monday Top 5

Hey Folks,

I've decided to do a weekly Top 5 every Monday for Music Monday.

These are not new songs, though some maybe (it's doubtful). These are not the best of the best. These are probably not even songs you've heard before (at least not all 5, that'd be crazy).

These are the top 5 songs of my week. Song that for whatever reason stuck out, resonated, pulled at my heart strings, got stuck in my head or just popped up randomly - like when I was doing a photo shoot and iTunes shuffled over and the model went "I love this song" and I was so shocked she'd heard of it we talked about The New Pornographers for at least 20 minutes.

These are Musics!

5) Ninja Sex Party - No Reason Boner
Why: I love these guys, they just started a channel on youtube and they caught me with their first song. This one just came out - so what better way to start a top 5 list then with some funny stuff and ninjas!

4) - The Mountain Goats - This Year
: I Don't have heroes. And I'm not exactly sure I have idols. I do have people I look at and respect Conan O'brien, Joey Ramone, Larry Damore... So when John Ross Bowie (a former improv teacher of mine) posted this in his blog I listened.

Plus, I love me some good irony, desperation and Irish lilt.

3) Pegboy -
: Look I just can't do the FIRST music top five list and leave these guys off. They are my favorite band of all time. There are many close seconds but no band has inspired me on so many levels. My dream one day is to direct a music video for these guys. but until then I'll just promote them as much as I can.

2) The New Pornographers - Mutiny, I Promise You
Why: This is actually NOT the song I was talking about in the intro. But the song we ended up talking about because of the other song & a conversation about Dr. Parnassus. I love this video's style (both Visually and it's sense of humor and story).

1) The Hold Steady - One For The Cutters

Why: This one's actually still stuck in my head right now. It's a chilling song not just because of the lyrics; which spin a tale of lethargic accountability and confused morality. But also a creepy harpsichord accompaniment.

Stay Strong,


Friday, February 12, 2010

No Reason Boner - Ninja Sex Party

Hey Folks,

These guys are fantastic.

Fall in love with them now.

Stay Strong,


Monday, February 08, 2010

Ringo gets a Starr.. I mean Star.

Hey Folks,

So I'm sitting here at Village Pizza, when the owner comes rushing through complaining to his staff that some very important pizza's were supposed to go out at 7, and it's barreling down on 7:30.

He rushes by, gives me a fist bump (as is our traditional of regular customer and guy that gets my money without complaints!).. and he says "Ringo's getting his star today, in front of Capital Records. Now."

It's only two blocks so I slam down my pizza and head out the door.

I immediately remember putting my camera battery in it's charger and thinking, I bet I'm gonna want to take pictures of something today. Thanks intuition, you're awesome.

When I first get there the crowd is just gathering, there's maybe 300 people. By the time I leave it's easily 3000.

So armed with only my cell phone I charge into the chaos, sending out twitter updates of the action.

So here before me the former Beatles drummer stands IRL and on a medium sized Jumbotron. He is awarded star number 2,401 on the famed walkway in front of the Capitol Records building, which is basically the Beatles second home.

Ringo at one point remarks "It's nice to be standing in front of the building we paid for" and gets a big laugh. almost as big a Laugh as the BOO Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gets from the crowd. Awkward!

Several people speak including Joe Walsh, Ben Harper and Councilmen Tom LaBonge (who I recently met at my old zoo excursion!)

At age 70, Starr is the first living Beatle to receive a star on the Walk of Fame.

Both John Lennon and George Harrison have received posthumous honors. I'm betting Paul McCartney will immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard soon. And I'll be there to see it.

Stay Strong,


Chaotic Good Online

Hey Folks,

Awhile ago I posted a bunch of photos (behind the scenes) from the set of my friend Amy's web series. We'll episode #4 is up!
More Behind the Scenes Shots Here

Stay Strong,


Saturday, February 06, 2010

Send Your Bread to Prison!

Hey Folks,

The day you've all been waiting for has finally come! No longer will we be slaves to our bread, no more smoke alarms, no more scraping blacked ends off our toast. That's right now you can send bad bread to Prison! Yay!

The New Vision Toaster lets you watch your toast sweat on the chair. They claim it's so you can see to make sure it doesn't burn, but we know the truth - with feature like toughened glass, Visual Control and a Extra lift lever, it's clear the designers had jail cell's on the bread mind. And don't get me started with the Extra wide slots - I mean come on!

Sadly this £160 bread warden by Magimix Vision Toaster is currently available in the UK, so us US breadwinners are still going to have to bring home the bread the old fashioned way.

Stay Strong,


Friday, February 05, 2010

Obsessing over Youtube Numbers and Stats

Hey Folks,

So anyone out there doing anything online, be it videos, blogging, podcasts, whatever probably knows about Obsessing and numbers.

I've even blogged about this before - and I'm considering making it a weekly thing.

Recently I've had this site (Vidstatx) permanently stuck in an open tab (hell I'm almost ready to make it a home page)

They Recently launched a new Ranking Proximity feature

It shows you other youtubers in your subscription bracket. (I've added a gray line to represent who I'm between and an orange box around the closet 3 youtubers on either side.)

What's amusing is, I think I may have heard of only one of these people (on the whole list). Though that doesn't really surprise me much, I don't wander youtube looking for new people these days. I'm too busy making things.

So what do you do with this information!?

Well ones first instinct might simply be to use this list as a guideline of who you're trying to beat, and who you're watching out for.

It's kind of like being in slow moving traffic on the freeway. You're watching cars in the other lanes. You know you've switched over from behind that Yellow Rav 4, and now you're ever watchful anytime it seems to be in a faster moving lane then you... and now, they're you enemy. Ironically minutes later when you switch over behind that same Rav 4 and that lane speeds up, passing all the other lanes by, you're now allies on the same time.

This is how this list works.

Healthy competition. Anyone who's using youtube as a means to be better then other people, probably needs to get out of the house and join a club IRL. This list now shows you other people to watch, learn from, collaborate with and in a good way compete with.

So go forth and create! And if you're on this list say hi! I'll be checking you out.

Stay Strong,


I'm sorry

Hey Folks,

This had to be done.

Stay Strong,


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Past Has Saved Me!

Hey Folks,

Oh Snapple two days in a row of blogging?! I know right, totally.

So as I sit here scarfing down Fresh & Easy brand frozen lasagna, I'm hard pressed for a topic. Do I talk about:

  • The horrible Jack in the Box I ate today?
  • The girl I thought was smiling at me at the cafe (but had a friend sitting behind me)?
  • The T-shirt endorsement I may have just gotten?
No! Let's talk about bags.

I feel like I have the worst luck when it comes to bags, back packs mostly. Straps break, zippers jam, everything falls apart.

My backpack has been slowly dying. It's one of those two tab chumpies, do at least when the first one fails you've got another tab to close the zipper and maintain appearances for months... but you still know what's coming. It's like looking in to the eyes of a kid about to get his tonsels removed. You tell them you'll go for ice cream, but you know. This is going to be hell.

Yesterday was Hell day.

The zipper gave up completely. I reverted back to a laptop bag. Single strap dealie. it's nice and all, and if I hadn't walked all over town with it full to the brim of laptop, note books, pens, charger, camera, card reader, external drive, GORP, and whatever the hell else I decided I absolutely needed - I might not have woken up like the hunchback of Notre Dame.

So today I went on a search through my backpack graveyard - I have no idea why I keep them. I think somewhere inside I think they can be fixed, saved, given ice cream to distract them from the pain.

But I found it - one shiny little survivor. A back pack nearly as old as me in fact. Older then all the others combined maybe.

It reads in little yellow embroidery ARROWHEAD DAY CAMP 3 year camper

It's a throw back from my childhood, something I didn't even know I had until my mom sent me a box of "stuff I probably wanted" which included an Oreo shaped travel cookie holder, a track shirt from Lower Merion and 2 books that I'd never purchased.

but there it was two straps and all the zippers still functioning.

This thing has survived nearly 3 decades. I don't why. Maybe It survived out of need, out of sheer will power, out of supierior technology, maybe it hates ice cream?

But today my past saved me. And my back is thankful.

Stay Strong,


PS on my daily booth I'm asking what you still have from camp. So what do you still hold on to?

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bumps in the Night

Hey Folks,

You know the old saying "It can't hurt to ask?" or is it "No one got anywhere ithout asking for something"? I don't know... whatever it is the other as I'm getting a ride back to my car from Jenni Powell, she starts talking about Bumps in the Night.

She's organizing things, and wearing a lot of hats and I get this little edgy tumor somewhere in my gut that's like "That'd be fun to work on". Now normally I'd just let it fester, hoping someone can read me mind and then be like "oh well that didn't happen"

This time however I couldn't hold it back, maybe it's all that coughing I've been doing lately. But I had to get it out. I found my opening and expressed my interest in directing and episode.

Two days later I'm in the press release.

Tomorrow I head off to the production meeting.

Saturday I direct (and maybe Sunday - it's pretty ambitious at 12 pages right now. But I actually think we can pull it off in one day)

Stay Strong,


Fury of SamProof

Hey Folks,

A few days ago I got a call from Emmett Furey, just a quick reminder about the shoot the next day. To which I freaked out, cause I'd almost completely forgotten about it. I then proceeded to go to an extremely large birthday party, and stayed way too late.

The next day I showed up wide eyed and eager (after barely any sleep - thankfully I'm used to functioning on this level).

We shot in two locations, one in NoHo, in which I actually got in front of the camera to reprise my roll as Sam Proof, Vlogger. It's funny because - SamProof (the youtube version of me) is already a heightened sense of myself. But some how the Fury of Solace version of me, is an even more heightened version of the youtube version of me.

Once my scene was done I shot a bunch of behind the scenes footage for the guys. It wasn't till we hit the second location in Silver Lake that I finally got a chance to pull out my little point and shoot and snap off some pics for me.

Here are some of my favs - but you can check out the whole album here

Stay Strong,