Friday, February 05, 2010

Obsessing over Youtube Numbers and Stats

Hey Folks,

So anyone out there doing anything online, be it videos, blogging, podcasts, whatever probably knows about Obsessing and numbers.

I've even blogged about this before - and I'm considering making it a weekly thing.

Recently I've had this site (Vidstatx) permanently stuck in an open tab (hell I'm almost ready to make it a home page)

They Recently launched a new Ranking Proximity feature

It shows you other youtubers in your subscription bracket. (I've added a gray line to represent who I'm between and an orange box around the closet 3 youtubers on either side.)

What's amusing is, I think I may have heard of only one of these people (on the whole list). Though that doesn't really surprise me much, I don't wander youtube looking for new people these days. I'm too busy making things.

So what do you do with this information!?

Well ones first instinct might simply be to use this list as a guideline of who you're trying to beat, and who you're watching out for.

It's kind of like being in slow moving traffic on the freeway. You're watching cars in the other lanes. You know you've switched over from behind that Yellow Rav 4, and now you're ever watchful anytime it seems to be in a faster moving lane then you... and now, they're you enemy. Ironically minutes later when you switch over behind that same Rav 4 and that lane speeds up, passing all the other lanes by, you're now allies on the same time.

This is how this list works.

Healthy competition. Anyone who's using youtube as a means to be better then other people, probably needs to get out of the house and join a club IRL. This list now shows you other people to watch, learn from, collaborate with and in a good way compete with.

So go forth and create! And if you're on this list say hi! I'll be checking you out.

Stay Strong,