Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moving On.

Hey Folks,

So today is a momentous occasion.
It's my last day at 'Girls Next Door'.
That is to say my work on this season is finished and my contract is over. I haven't been let go, I haven't stormed off quitting. This is just the life of a job in Hollywood. Especially reality TV.

It's rare to get a solid job, everyone's a free lance contract worker.

So what's next?

Nothing, Nada, Goose Egg, Bubkiss.

I have nothing lined up. I'm not bouncing off to some other job and I have to tell you, I love it. I'm not even planning on looking for a new job until 2009.

If you think not having a job means I won't be working you're dead wrong.

So what do I have lined up while I'm unemployed?

  • Blogging - Oh hell yea I'm gonna get crazy with the chez whiz
  • 15x - More Comic Strips
  • Videos - This is all pretty standard fare right?
  • Photoshoots - yea it's been forever. But I'm picking up the camera again.
  • Nanowrimo - yep come Nov 1st I'm writing the most sarcastic vampire novel possible, and hopefully ever in existence
  • Producing & Directing a Documentary
Wait what?
Yea that's right you heard me. I've been contemplating doing a feature length project since my earliest days making videos on youtube. The minute I understood I could do everything (write, direct, edit) I knew I could do a feature.

I'm meeting this Sunday with an amazing artist to talk to him about documenting his life and his work and we'll see how it goes. He seems excited. I'm Excited.

My Main goal right now is to create a trailer by New years and then use that to attract a financier.

So that's what's up, more to come soon.

Stay Strong,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Last Week I made something amazing, moar epic. I'm talking of course about the Starblazers theme song. Since then I've been flooded with old memories of evil blue dudes, Wave Motion Cannons and the coolest spaceship ever. The Argo.

But this ain't no jason and the Argonauts shit. I'm talking a full fledged WWII style sky sailing, space force battle ship.

I was lead down a path of ancillary research (maybe I should have been working, maybe I should have been eating or sleeping... but who knows.)

So with a little help from Ravenlaughs, I came up with a list of other peoples takes on this epic theme song (that anyone who saw this show as a child can probably remember word for word). Ironically enough non of these version include the use of a cowbell... who knew, guess I'm super cutting edge.

Speaking of edge I'd really like to find a punk cover of this song.

The Orchestra Approach

The Cutsie Little Girl Approach


But Nothing beats the original (original English version that is)

Stay Strong,


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mind Map youtube Style

Recently I asked people about how they find their focus and I thank JOJ for his reply post.

I've Dubbed this blog here at blogspot, my home and all other Samproof blogs will simply point here always and forever (or until I change my mind again - yay). Obviously I still have a hundred other blogs, but the point is that they have obvious mission statements and content requirements. However the 4 blogs I linked in the previous blog were all linked to me and a vague notion of ideals that separated them, which got muddled in time.

A recent twitter from reelfeed sent me of to the world of where you can get a pretty accurate look in to the Word Cloud that is More so you get a glimpse in to just what exactly my brain is like - though I honestly don't think about myself so predominantly.

Stay Strong,


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Les Misbarack

It's a long crazy story that led me to find this nugget. I've been going to an Improv Execution weekly to dave my friends neck from the comedic chopping block. Last night there was an upset as Judge JD Walsh (from Ultimate Improv) eliminated someone after producing a livejournal entry from his pocket in which the girl declared she had simply snuck into the game, no audition.

So being a webhead I tried to find the path, the livejournal, the guilty blog entry - hoping for some kind of car crash flash back. But instead I found this. This truly awesome accomplishment. Directed by JD Walsh and featuring several of the improv kids from the execution and Ultimate Improv.

I hope you enjoy and appreciate that and no one has to explain to you why it's good. Now back on track to sleuthing this modern day Frank Abagnale Jr.

Oh and JD Walsh - I assume if you found that girls LJ entry you're bound to find this, probably have a google alert all set up. So hi.

Stay Strong,


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Moar Cowbell

Once a sketch with the masters Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken, now a house hold reality. Yes you too can jazz up your favorite song with the incessant need of More Cowbell! No longer must you droll along to the percussively challenged; head over to play with a few fancy flash sliders and add Copious amounts of your favorite rectangular metal bovine bell or add some titillation with the silky voice of the continental Walken.

I've chosen a blast from my own bast, and I've got to tell you. I'm off to save the earth with 38% cowbell and 15% Walken.

Make your own at

affiliate program Poll

Stay Strong,


Saturday, October 11, 2008

How do you Focus?

I've had this blog window open for about 20 minutes.

I've been sitting in the cafe for about 2 hours.

Photo_21-feedI've done nothing. NOTHING. I have a million fucking ideas in my head and I can't find the focus to act on a single one of them.

So I thought I'd come here and and focus on my lack of focus. If you were to make a mind map of my thoughts right now, you wouldn't come back with a clever typographical design of keywords. Every single letter would break away to create it's own unique mosaic. It's pure chaos.

It's like this

Maybe worse. Probably worse.

I've felt so lathargic and burnt out lately. it's a combination or doing a million things, and having a million things I want to do. I don't get to work on nearly enough of the things I want.

I sit here with lists of lists of things to work on... Path to Publication, CastingTube, Failpire, Short Race, 15x, dash30dash, writing, novels, Gone, Here, eating, drinking, jerking off, work, sleep, Sketch writing, Video making, vlogging, blogging, twittering, plurking, Pinging, chatting, flirting, branding, promoting, talking to the community, talking to the friends, talking to the fans, answering email, answering the phone, checking voice mail, checking email, checking myself.... this list goes on. I've had voice mails on my phone for over a week. Emails on youtube for longer than I'm willing to admit.

How do you do it? How do you find the focus on a thousand projects? How do you prioritize?

I'm trying to break the week up in to days where I force myself to work on a specific project. Give it a deadline. Thing is.. this is the 5th time I've tried to make this list. It gets lost, prioritize change, interests change, life is change, change is constaint, nothing stays the same. My mind is fluid. It goes with the flow of chaotic change.

I need an army of people to help me. I wish I could just divy out portions of my mind and say "carry this out" - and um.. do it for credit, and every week... mkthxilybuhbye. Is that too much to ask?

Things keep getting complex. I start thinking things like "if I can't commit to something once a week, I can make a rotating two week schedule... on weeks A I'll work on ABC & D and weeks B I'll work on XYZ and *explode brain*"

Srsly wtf?

I've never felt so unaccomplished and burnt out all at the same time, as I have in this last month.

Well at least I can mark this off from the massive list
Write blog - check
twitter about writing blog - check.

So what do you do to focus?