Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moving On.

Hey Folks,

So today is a momentous occasion.
It's my last day at 'Girls Next Door'.
That is to say my work on this season is finished and my contract is over. I haven't been let go, I haven't stormed off quitting. This is just the life of a job in Hollywood. Especially reality TV.

It's rare to get a solid job, everyone's a free lance contract worker.

So what's next?

Nothing, Nada, Goose Egg, Bubkiss.

I have nothing lined up. I'm not bouncing off to some other job and I have to tell you, I love it. I'm not even planning on looking for a new job until 2009.

If you think not having a job means I won't be working you're dead wrong.

So what do I have lined up while I'm unemployed?

  • Blogging - Oh hell yea I'm gonna get crazy with the chez whiz
  • 15x - More Comic Strips
  • Videos - This is all pretty standard fare right?
  • Photoshoots - yea it's been forever. But I'm picking up the camera again.
  • Nanowrimo - yep come Nov 1st I'm writing the most sarcastic vampire novel possible, and hopefully ever in existence
  • Producing & Directing a Documentary
Wait what?
Yea that's right you heard me. I've been contemplating doing a feature length project since my earliest days making videos on youtube. The minute I understood I could do everything (write, direct, edit) I knew I could do a feature.

I'm meeting this Sunday with an amazing artist to talk to him about documenting his life and his work and we'll see how it goes. He seems excited. I'm Excited.

My Main goal right now is to create a trailer by New years and then use that to attract a financier.

So that's what's up, more to come soon.

Stay Strong,