Friday, November 27, 2009

I live!

Hey Folks,

So after 25 days of writing 2000+ words a day, sometimes much more, writing a simple blog is like lifting a small rock after a full day of intense working out.

Pegboy : Sinner Inside : And over and over and over again. I think with my heart and not with my head

You know it should be easy, and you know in a few days it'll be a simple task. But right now it's like... "Oh fuck, don't look like an idiot doing this."

I've been busy.

Yet at the same time I don't feel I've got much to show for it. Well I've got this.
Yay me I've got dot gifs! Score.
Here's a little secret to all of you that think "That guys always fucking doing something, does he ever slow down?"

I never feel as though I've done anything. The minute something is done, it's gone.

The Ramones : My Brain is hanging Upside Down : You've got to pick up the pieces... pull yourself back together.

Anyway now that Nanowrimo is out of the way I can get back to a few things, like Youtube videos, Battle of the Youtube Nonstars and looking for a job that pays money.

I've been on unemployment almost a year and I'm pretty sure it's about to be over.
It was a fun ride while it lasted, but I need to make something happen before I dip in to my savings.

My mind is running a mile a minute with new projects, and that's where I get fucked. I always try and take them all on at once. So now I'm going to attempt to slow myself down and make a list and do them to the best of my abilities one by one... or at the very most three at a time.

I've got Video Fight Club down to a nice little system with perma Host Jani Wang.
And the Thursday show, Failpire, is pretty much autopilot as well now.

Brodie Foster Hubbard : Involuntary : I didn't know that I could hurt you so.

Oh and I've got sponsors for contests, that's pretty big. Though apparently giving things away is a lot harder then I thought. It's almost like pulling teeth each week to get people to participate, or if they do they don't really care about the prize.

So I'm a little unsure what to do with the remaining 20 OMG Pop star accounts I have to give away... oh well. Guess my audience doesn't play games?!

Samiam : Someones Got to Lose : Am I lying if I wonder will I walk I wonder should I even bother...

Among the projects I've got going on, I want to revamp my website and turn it into more of a Production Company site. One day if I ever get the rights to back, I'll make that my personal site.

Well I suppose that's all the updates for now.

I can feel it coming ....

So take us out of here boys...

Pegboy : DangerMare : Last song I'll ever write... you'd think we laugh about it now.

Stay Strong,