Friday, July 31, 2009

Max Summers

Here's yet another picture from Comiccon from(and with) one of my comic con companions Dani aka MaxSummers
Me and Sam by Dani Figueiredo.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wired Party Comic Con

Hey Folks,

So one of the cool things that happened while I was at Comic Con was getting in to the WIRED party. I basically got there the last hour before the whole thing shut down, so I missed out on a lot of things that would have been cool...
Free food
Free Massages
Free Drink Mallets... don't ask.

However the open bar was alive and well and had a free photo booth. This wasn't my first time in front of their crazy dome camera but this time I had a beautiful assistant to make ass out of myself with.

While I scanning through pics trying to find mine I came across my CC Day 4 friends Brea and Zane Grant (I didn't even know they were at the party!)

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The Best Worst Thing at ComicCon 2009

Hey Folks,

There was a great number of amazing things at Comic Con

Cool Toys

Hanging with Celebs:

I know I took pics of celebs that are probably more famous, Rob Zombie, Adam Baldwin - but for me scoring this pic with Ben's Daughter Alex, played by Tania Raymonde was the tops.

Beautiful Women (Dressed like skanks)
thank you Ladies, you've inspired me to write my own comic book!

and the there was this:

The Watchmen - Comedian & Silk Specter by you.

There's nothing better then recreating a brutal rape scene in 3 Dimensions of reality.

They're portrayl of the most memorable, dare I even say best scene in The Watchmen was so awe inspiring I had to step in. That dude was so on I almost escape the picture with my own life!

Even better then the accuracy of the costumes, the sensationalizing of domestic violence and rape is probably the fact that these kids were 16 give or take a year.

So if you even considered spanking it to these pics you're fucked.

My only regret is not documenting this from a multitude of angles for all you pervs. RHComics, I'm thinking of you here buddy. <3


For more pics from Comic Con check out: and

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aewsomecon Redux

Hey Folks,

I was looking through my pictures and just found this awesome shot from the egg toss.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Awesomecon 2009 - The Wrath of Kahn.

Hey Folks,

Man doing the whole 4 day ComicCon thing was fucking nuts and fucking draining. I'm so fucking drained I feel drunk, but like a glass water feels not like an alcoholic. (yes I just ripped off Douglas Adams - wtf do you want from me)

Awesome Con '09 however was - like a fucking mini oasis in the middle of the storm inside a burrito. (yes I just ripped off... actually I don't remember what I just ripped off - that's how out of it I am - what are you gonna do about it, fight me?)

Originally I was going to post these pictures (see below) on the Raz Fan page
But it was all "um you can't post a picture in the fan section if you the administrator, you're not a fan - a der!" then it made a bunch of monkey sounds at me. Whatever facebook, eat my ass. (yea I probably just ripped off 20 comedians from the 80's but no one knows who the fuck they are anymore).

Then I figured out there's a whole seperate section to upload pics in to for... so here they are. Who's making monkey sounds now bitch?!

Raz and the Guys
Tim and Mother F'ing Eric yo.

Where's all's mah Gravies!?
You bastards!!!

Oh yea that's right- this is what he does. He sits on you!

this is me and the crew
they totally followed me around and became my posse.

And here's a few pics I found online already from super fans! You guys rule. I'm always shocked when someone tells me how much they like Raz or even recognize me. It's my own personal Awesomecon.

So if you have your own pics with me, or just from awesomecon leave them in a comment below. I'd love to see them.

Stay Strong,


Monday, July 27, 2009

Cameo on Fury of Solace

Hey Folks,

Comic con was more then just a spectators sport for me.. well more or less, it's not like I was running a booth, on a panel or in an official signing (though many autographs and pics were taken).

However while I was there I hooked up with the gang from Fury of Solace.
If you haven't heard of it check out
Originally an entry in the Doctor Horrible DVD Contest - FOS was created as a musical super hero video to apply to the Evil League of Evil

FOS was over looked - but instead of taking that as a defeat creator Emmet turned Fury into an episodic, an online comic and a whole ARG (Alternate Reality Game) thing encompassng several twitter accounts and websites.

And while I was at ComicCon the guy threw me in front of the camera for a sort of cameo roll.

Go Watch the episodes here

Here's me in Fury of Solace : 'Who Wants to Work for Mason International?'

Stay Strong,

-SamProof Photo Booth - Comic Con 2009 Operation Olivia

Hey Folks,

from ComicCon 2009 at the booth.

Stay Strong,


Friday, July 24, 2009

New on The Guild Webseries (from comiccon)

Hey Folks,

I tagged along with the guildies today and checked out The Guild panel including special guest - Will Wheaton. Wheaton appeared in the sneak preview of season 3 as the leader of a rival guild 'Axis of Anarchy' (seen below)
Wheaton wasn't the only surprise. The cast did their panel dressed in their avators costumes, created by Sarah Trost - who Ironically I worked with way back when. Sarah created the costumes for a music video The Guild Priemered at the panel, and which will be released limited to Con goer's and then eventually X-Box live.

here's a few screens from the video

Stay Strong,


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comic Con Day 0 - I'm already gonna die

Hey Folks,

Man ComicCon is going to kill me. There's just not enough time in the day and no time to get on the internet when the day is done. I may have to pony up for a 13 dollar a day Wifi fee at the convention center. At least maybe for just one day.

So real Quick I've been hanging out with some Guildies, Fans of Felicia Day's webseries 'The Guild'.

Tonight the Guildies and I had Dinner with Fernando Chien & director Sean Becker of the Guild as well as Kenny and Jenni from the Knights of the Guild Podcast, Edgar the web guy and the boys from Fury of Solace.

They took lots of pictures (Better then the one I got)

The apparently I was bitten by a very short vampire.

So Tomorrow I may or may not be able to broadcast Failpire. IDK - I'm not going to stress it. After everything that's happened this past week I'm a little burnt out. So I need to just relax and not go crazy. Honestly I'm not so sure I even want to go to ComicCon Tomorrow (Thursday), I feel like just vegging. But who knows.

Stay Strong,


PS this is not a clever True Blood tie in, like that Gillette ad. Though now that I've mentioed it, both True Blood and Gillette own me monies.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's gonna be one of Those Months.

Hey Folks,

If you've been following my twitter you already know - my dad isn't doing well.
In fact there's no talk of recovery at this point. My cousin has notified to hospice and he'll be moving there shortly.

I'm heading on out to FL sometime in the next 40 hours - waiting to hear back from my brother before I buy my over priced ticket.

Then in about a week I'm heading down to ComicCon - which should be the most surreal experience of contrast ever.

And in a few weeks after that, I'll be heading back to PA to help my mom out. Again my brother will be there.

This maybe the most time we'll have spent together since we were both living at home.

I don't know when or why the bonds of family ceased to be cohesive, and I don't know that there's really any getting it back at this point. I'm a loner Dottie, a rebel . I used to quote that jokingly, but I guess somewhere along the lines it just sunk in and became a credo.

My bad?

In the face of all this, I'm not really feeling anything particularly "big" - it's more of a numb and a sense of "shouldn't I be feeling something more here"?

I'm disconnected from the whole thing. I'm sure when I get there, things will be different.

So that's where I'm at.

Stay Strong,


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Anime Expo Los Angeles 2009 - Day 1

Hey Folks,

Adorable Girl by you.
I gotta say I don't even know what to talk about right away. I'm so exhausted from the grueling day of running around snapping pictures of anything and everything (willing or not!).

For the record it can be said that any girl with animal ears is 80% Hotter. I don't know what the deal with that is, but I know understand all that farm porn.

This was really my first time ever at a convention like this. A long time ago I went to a MacWorld - but I don't recall ever seeing anyone dressed up as a 512 or sporting a sleek one click mouse hat.

I've learned alot from Day One of Anime Expo - namely that I'm completely out of touch with anime and I have virtually no idea who any of these people have dressed up with. So My flickr page is going to be littered with pictures titled "Puppy Girl", "Hot Cat Chick" and so on. (feel free to comment on the pages and tell me what's what and who's who. I welcome the knoweldge. Hell I dare you to school me and tell me the Character Name and Show/Movie/Game they're from).

A few hours and a couple hundred pictures later my camera battery died (I need to find a place that sells those asap! 1 batterry per camera is not enough); However I was fortunate enough to run into some friends to occupy the rest of my time there (and to buy a 8 dollar crappy burger with).
FYI - if you're going to the Anime Expo - Pack a lunch, or maybe get a salad, the burgers are not worth it! Terrible terrible tasteless block of meat.

Oh yea I also ran into one other person of note, the amazing and funny Heather "Freaking, I'll cum on your brain till it exploids" Campbell. She's amazing, you can read her articles in play Magazine, or see her perform at Upright Citizens Brigade or IO West doing improv. Here she is super excited to be in front of my lens.
Heather Campbell by you.
Actually I may have just told her the description I was going to put along side her picture, then again if I recall right she is half deer.

Tomorrow I'm taking the video camera down there, cause my feet and back don't hurt nearly as much as they can. I still don't even really know what they hell I should be focusing on but I'm mostly looking at this like, it's good practice for Comic Con which will probably be 5 times bigger, and destroy me within seconds.

If I've learned anything at Anime Expo - It's that, girls with blue hair are wicked hot. But which one is your favorite?

cruncyroll mascotFelicia (Darkstalkers)Blue Girl on phone

Stay Strong,