Thursday, July 02, 2009

Anime Expo Los Angeles 2009 - Day 1

Hey Folks,

Adorable Girl by you.
I gotta say I don't even know what to talk about right away. I'm so exhausted from the grueling day of running around snapping pictures of anything and everything (willing or not!).

For the record it can be said that any girl with animal ears is 80% Hotter. I don't know what the deal with that is, but I know understand all that farm porn.

This was really my first time ever at a convention like this. A long time ago I went to a MacWorld - but I don't recall ever seeing anyone dressed up as a 512 or sporting a sleek one click mouse hat.

I've learned alot from Day One of Anime Expo - namely that I'm completely out of touch with anime and I have virtually no idea who any of these people have dressed up with. So My flickr page is going to be littered with pictures titled "Puppy Girl", "Hot Cat Chick" and so on. (feel free to comment on the pages and tell me what's what and who's who. I welcome the knoweldge. Hell I dare you to school me and tell me the Character Name and Show/Movie/Game they're from).

A few hours and a couple hundred pictures later my camera battery died (I need to find a place that sells those asap! 1 batterry per camera is not enough); However I was fortunate enough to run into some friends to occupy the rest of my time there (and to buy a 8 dollar crappy burger with).
FYI - if you're going to the Anime Expo - Pack a lunch, or maybe get a salad, the burgers are not worth it! Terrible terrible tasteless block of meat.

Oh yea I also ran into one other person of note, the amazing and funny Heather "Freaking, I'll cum on your brain till it exploids" Campbell. She's amazing, you can read her articles in play Magazine, or see her perform at Upright Citizens Brigade or IO West doing improv. Here she is super excited to be in front of my lens.
Heather Campbell by you.
Actually I may have just told her the description I was going to put along side her picture, then again if I recall right she is half deer.

Tomorrow I'm taking the video camera down there, cause my feet and back don't hurt nearly as much as they can. I still don't even really know what they hell I should be focusing on but I'm mostly looking at this like, it's good practice for Comic Con which will probably be 5 times bigger, and destroy me within seconds.

If I've learned anything at Anime Expo - It's that, girls with blue hair are wicked hot. But which one is your favorite?

cruncyroll mascotFelicia (Darkstalkers)Blue Girl on phone

Stay Strong,