Friday, June 26, 2009

Top Ten Charlie's Angles Pose's

Hey Folks,

In honor of the beautiful Farrah Fawcett I've collected these images from all across the web of people in the traditional Charlie's Angels Logo Pose.

10) - Location, Location, LocationRemember folks, you can pose without enthusiasm, as long as you do it somewhere everyone knows!

9) - Bring your Goofy friend

Remember guys, Charlie's angels poses aren't just for the ladies! but make sure somebody else is more effeminate than you are!
"Hey Chuck" -Ted
"Yea Ted?" -Chuck
"I really want to do this Charlie's angels pose... but I don't know man" -Ted
"What if we bring Neil along" -Chuck
"You sir are a genius" -Ted

8) Anytime is the Right Time to Pose!

Hey from Briss's to Bar mitzvah's, Funerals to weddings - Anytime is a good time to pose as Angles!

7) But have a hot friend!

But if you've decided to pose, bring in your hot Asian girlfriend - tell her it's cool, there was a 4th angel once, you're like our Lucy Liu. Just don't get confused and Say "Lucy Lee". Porn's awesome, but it has no place in posing like Charlie's Angels.

4) Unless you Are Porn Stars

OK this isn't really a Charlie's Angels Pose - but those really are Porn Stars - YAY!

5) There's always room for Bosley.

That's cool bring your cousin Timmy in, tell him he's the Charlie. But we all know the sad truth - he's the Bosley. And not Bill Murray

4 ) Get Real

You want authenticity? Get some real guns. It worked for these guys, hell they even got a fucking trophy for their pose. That's Tight yo.

3) Quantity !
More Angels? More Better! Damn right punk.

2) Pose with a Celebrity

Minnie Mouse? Fuck yea!

1) Be Hot and Asian!
And of course the number one rule for taking a Charlie's Angels inspired picture (and this goes for most pictures you want to put on the web) - Be Hot and Be Asian. You can get away with anything, and pretty much you win at life.

And in Honorable mention:

as Uncle Chuck unwittingly steps in the third Angel.

Stay Strong,