Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Caling All Video Collabists!

Hey Gang,

I'm finally taking on a new collab project (in fact several).
It's April, which means National Poetry Month.

So I've picked one of my favorite Poems to kick off the month, and I'm going to find three more so I can put on out for every week of April.

Please send me a very simple video of you reading the poem 'Invictus' by William Ernest Henley

letter box preferred - but I don't expect everyone to do it, so whatever
.Mov or .Mpeg preferred But I can handle most formats
email it Samproof at gmail dot com

Deadline Wednesday night/Thurs Morn!
I know, that's not a lot of time. But it's a short poem and I want to get this up asap, (let's say Thursday 3am)

I'll try to figure out the next poem sooner so there's more time to get it done.
(and I'm taking suggestions, but let's keep it a classic poem, public domain and around 1 page at the longest)

Get the Poem Here

Stay Strong,


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Literary Heroes

@angelasaid put out a question

who’s your literary hero?

My Answer: the long and short is Chuck Palahniuk.

(see my other post about this here)

It's not for any actual specific achievement other than, he did it. Chuck has a writing style similar to mine, a style that often is dark and sarcastic and take the reader to some dark places. The fact that Chuck continues to get published shows me a glimmer of hope that I may some day achieve a modicum of similar success.

Stay Strong,



Just a quick update to those that aren't following every facet of my interweb life

I'm putting out a challenge on http://dash30dash.com for people to write one poem every day in the month of April. Which is National Poetry Month.

You can join up to the dash30dash Community site and the NaPoWriMo group, and post your poetry (or links to it) there.

Stay Strong,


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Youtube Gathering 2009 Hollywood CA

Well YouTubers,

Looks like I'm going to a gathering anyway. Still NOT going to San Fran this weekend, but as I was sitting at the cafe doing half a dozen things which included : adding claws to yoda, adding blogs to alphainventions.com, working on an old script that I stalled on, outlining a new web series project, just to name a few things ... I look up to see @Quin smiling at me, who was joined by @jigitz

Apparently they're gathering the troops to go to Universal City Walk tomorrow at noon, so if you're in LA go. I'll be there

...Provided I can wake up

Stay Strong,


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Youtube Gathering 2009 San Fransisco

I was fully intending on going to the San Fran youtube gathering.
Then a little over a month ago I enrolled in a sketch class and I brought my intentions down to about 75%

At first I simply didn't want to skip out of one of the 8 classes I'd paid money for.
Then I realized this Thursday we have a class show and then Saturday we have another class.

So I'm officially not going to the San Fransisco youtube Gathering this year.

As it is, some other youtubers are coming to LA, so I guess we'll be having a mini gathering of our own.

If you're in LA feel free to come to my class show Thursday.
I'll be in a few different sketches, as well as having one of my sketches performed.

Stay Strong,


Friday, March 13, 2009

Production Day #9 - Search for a Kidney Donor


Today's shoot was met with a small technical difficulty; I'd set up t help Luis record a video for his own website asking people to get tested to be a possible Kidney Donor. For some reason the sound didn't record while the mic was in Tele mode and I had to use Normal, which will have a lot more ambient interference.

but we got it shot and another time lapse of him working on his paintings.

So all in all a good shoot day. We talked briefly about shooting his Dialysis sometime in the future. I don't really want to push it too much just yet, cause honestly I'm a little freaked out about it a little bit.

That's pretty much the wrap up. This week I need to import the footage we shot and cut together a video for Luis. At the same time I think I'll be putting something up on my own youtube to help bring attention to his cause and possibly make an official announcement about doing the documentary.

Stay Strong,


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish my mom a happy birthday.

Sorry I don't make it home very often, you taught me to be independent and maybe I'm too good at it sometime.

Sorry I'm not rich and famous, you showed me money isn't everything and popularity is just as silly in real life as it is in high school (where it's better left).

Sorry that I'm not married and over flowing with babies, you taught me there's more to life then just sex.

Sorry I don't call so often - um, monkeys stole my dialing finger!

Love you!

Stay Strong,


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Non Production Day #9


Today was supposed to be our ninth day shooting, but I woke up to an amazing array of stabbing pains in my stomach, two hours later when they were still attacking me I called off the shoot. Apparently much to Luis' relief as he wasn't feeling to go either.

I blame the gray skies, or that turkey and bacon sandwich I had last night, or the ice cream.

Honestly I have no idea what the hell went down. I went back to bed and woke up at 6pm, aside from feeling dehydrated all other pains have stopped.

So anyway as promised yesterday here is a picture from the interview with Gallery Curator Mike Russek.

I'm gonna throw a new one of Luis and a painting up over at The Luis Sanchez Story

Stay Strong,


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Luis Sanchez Documentary CKD Update


I'm half blogging right now, just cause I haven't in a while. Gotta keep momentum up. We haven't shot anything since last week, but tomorrow I'm going down to help Luis Shoot a video for him. I might end up putting some version of it up on my youtube channel just to help spread the word, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Tomorrow I'm helping Luis shoot a video to ask people to see if they're a possible kidney donor.

Luis suffers from CKD - Chronic Kidney Disease. He's already had one transplant that lasted a little under a decade and now lives through dialasys treatments 4 days a week.

I'm not sure if we'll shoot anything else, and I have a feeling it'll be beyond emotional, so I'm struggling with whether or not I the documantarian should be shooting it to cover it for the film as well, or if I the friend should put a 100% of my focus in to the creation of this video for my friend.

Without another cameraman I figure I get to default to just being the good guy and focusing on the task at hand. So I really don't have to struggle with how much a soul I have at this time. :D

In other news:
I have some other pictures and videos clips that I'll get online asap over at The Luis Sanchez Story

Stay Strong,


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Production Day # 8 - Interview with Mike Russek


Today was a short and sweet one. I started the day running around and getting packed up. Headed over to Edgewise and picked up some tapes to shoot on. Think I need to order a large quantity of tapes online somewhere, even at a tape house the retail costs are ridiculous!

inspite of LA traffic and rain made good time to downtown and set up in Artist/Curator Mike Russek. Mike is a great artist who works in plastics, faux fur and wood. Somewhere between sculpture and furniture. He curated the art gallery at the Lucent L’amour event I tapes on Valentine's Day.

The really nice thing about this was
• It was our first Interview (aside from Luis himself)
• First change of location (aside from the Lucent event)
• Started to really explore Luis' LA past

Next shoot day isn't till maybe next Wednesay.

Got some pictures I'll be throwing up at The Luis Sanchez Story (Indiegogo)

Stay Strong,