Friday, March 13, 2009

Production Day #9 - Search for a Kidney Donor


Today's shoot was met with a small technical difficulty; I'd set up t help Luis record a video for his own website asking people to get tested to be a possible Kidney Donor. For some reason the sound didn't record while the mic was in Tele mode and I had to use Normal, which will have a lot more ambient interference.

but we got it shot and another time lapse of him working on his paintings.

So all in all a good shoot day. We talked briefly about shooting his Dialysis sometime in the future. I don't really want to push it too much just yet, cause honestly I'm a little freaked out about it a little bit.

That's pretty much the wrap up. This week I need to import the footage we shot and cut together a video for Luis. At the same time I think I'll be putting something up on my own youtube to help bring attention to his cause and possibly make an official announcement about doing the documentary.

Stay Strong,