Friday, June 26, 2009

Top Ten Charlie's Angles Pose's

Hey Folks,

In honor of the beautiful Farrah Fawcett I've collected these images from all across the web of people in the traditional Charlie's Angels Logo Pose.

10) - Location, Location, LocationRemember folks, you can pose without enthusiasm, as long as you do it somewhere everyone knows!

9) - Bring your Goofy friend

Remember guys, Charlie's angels poses aren't just for the ladies! but make sure somebody else is more effeminate than you are!
"Hey Chuck" -Ted
"Yea Ted?" -Chuck
"I really want to do this Charlie's angels pose... but I don't know man" -Ted
"What if we bring Neil along" -Chuck
"You sir are a genius" -Ted

8) Anytime is the Right Time to Pose!

Hey from Briss's to Bar mitzvah's, Funerals to weddings - Anytime is a good time to pose as Angles!

7) But have a hot friend!

But if you've decided to pose, bring in your hot Asian girlfriend - tell her it's cool, there was a 4th angel once, you're like our Lucy Liu. Just don't get confused and Say "Lucy Lee". Porn's awesome, but it has no place in posing like Charlie's Angels.

4) Unless you Are Porn Stars

OK this isn't really a Charlie's Angels Pose - but those really are Porn Stars - YAY!

5) There's always room for Bosley.

That's cool bring your cousin Timmy in, tell him he's the Charlie. But we all know the sad truth - he's the Bosley. And not Bill Murray

4 ) Get Real

You want authenticity? Get some real guns. It worked for these guys, hell they even got a fucking trophy for their pose. That's Tight yo.

3) Quantity !
More Angels? More Better! Damn right punk.

2) Pose with a Celebrity

Minnie Mouse? Fuck yea!

1) Be Hot and Asian!
And of course the number one rule for taking a Charlie's Angels inspired picture (and this goes for most pictures you want to put on the web) - Be Hot and Be Asian. You can get away with anything, and pretty much you win at life.

And in Honorable mention:

as Uncle Chuck unwittingly steps in the third Angel.

Stay Strong,


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'll Bend Your Wookie!

I just got a quick still from the promo we're putting together for the One Act Comedy Play I'm going to be in July. Check out this sneak peek of me as Chewey the Meth Dealer :D

And if you're in or around Los angeles, come out to see me live one stage with some great actors!

Chewy's Drug Place

I AM Muncie Telethon
(click above for the Facebook Event)

July Wednesday 8th 6:30pm $5
I am Muncie Telethon - One Act
At the UCB Theater

Stay Strong,


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Things I do

Hey Folks,

I have so many blogs and websites, projects and portals that sometimes I wonder if the people that know I do youtube videos, know I do a comedy lobster blog, or know I have a live streaming show, or know I do a web comic.

At the same time I feel redundant posting my own comic strip, in to my blog on a regular basis but here are a few recent strips. I just wrote, drew and scheduled 4 more for this coming week so check out : and subscribe to the RSS feed for that (you can also use the google/blogger reader - there's a link on the site)

Here are some recent strips:

I really need to figure out some kind of portal to keep everything in closer proximity.

Stay Strong,


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sentimental Robin

Hey Folks,

So if you were following my twitter you know the other night brought a surprise guest as Robin Williams joined the stage at Upright Citizens brigade with one of my favorite improv teams, Sentimental lady.

My friend Reyana grabbed a few shots on her cell phone.

Here they are in the classic improv scenario, people watchers watching people watching, watchin people.

Mr. Williams in rare form as Alex Fernie (gray shirt) wonders if maybe he's left the stove on at home.

And finally no improv show would be complete without a recreation of the Last Supper.

Stay Strong,


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

See me Live on Stage

Hey Folks,

So in short I'm going to be on stage a whole mess of time this month, and July

June Thursday 18th 7pm $5
Upright Citizens Brigade
Tennessee Williams Improv

June 26th Midnight (fri/sat)
Not Too Shabby - FREE
At the UCB Theater

June 28th from 8:00 PM
IO West Sketch Cagematch
with Haley Mancini - Vote 4 ManProof

July Wednesday 8th 6:30pm $5
I am Muncie Telethon - One Act
At the UCB Theater

Stay Strong,


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cause I'm not bussy enough

So coming down the pipe line

Writing 1 Twilight Sketch to put up on stage at UCB (then turn into a video).
Directing another twilight sketch with a dozen parts
Trying to Write my own Vampire Series
Writing a Post Apocalyptic Series for stage and web
Searching for he body of Jimmy Hoffa
In Cast for a half hour spank show at UCB (August sometime)
And trying to get this Battle of the Youtube Nonstars thing off the ground.

if I wasn't sick I'd probably be doing more.

Stay Strong,


Sunday, June 07, 2009

Why I play Checkers

why I play Checkers

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Twilight 2 New Moon Trailer Spoof

Hey Folks

Here's the Twilight Spoof I was in. This sketch was written by Andy Harris of Angry Pickle Productions. Check out their other videos, these guys are great and are going to blow up.

Stay tuned I have one of my own that I wrote coming soon as well.

Stay Strong,


Twilight 2 New Moon : Behind the Scenes

So yesterday I ran off to help a friend and finally fulfill my dream of being a vampire. Here's a quick shot of the cast from the soon to be released Twlight Spoof Video.

Behind the Scenes Twilight 2  by you.

Here's one of Andy's previous Twilight Spoofs with Mary from NoHo girls as Bella.

EDIT : The Video with me is posted Here

Stay Strong,