Monday, January 26, 2009


Just a quick post to set up my account on Technorati

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Telling, The Movie

Once again I've been watching google trends all day. I just refreshed it to see of all things, in the number 2 position yet another surprise. (side note these 4 kids keep looking at me.. 'ZOMG is that Raz?' I'm waiting...)

anyway let's get back to the point I was making.. so Google trends right now look like this:

Today's Hot Trends (USA)
1. patrick mcdermott
2. the telling
3. resveratrol
4. the telling movie
5. sirtris

6. before the wedding night
7. david morgan whips
8. gavin rossdale
9. ascorbic acid
10. james earl jones

More Hot Trends »
See that in #2 That's 'The Telling" Staring and produced by Bridget Marquardt, formerly Hef's number 2 girl. I'm guessing the spike is because it was just released on DVD or some such thing (I know there is no way it's being released in a thearter.) I don't want to say too much cause honestly when I was working at 'Girls Next Door' I signed so much paper work if I say anything about the movie they just might be able to come after me (plus I'm still counting on them for a job this spring).

File:Bridget Marquardt-D.jpg

But as a little side note, a girl from my sketch 101 class ended dropping the course. When I asked her where she went she told me she'd gotten a role on a movie from that girl on Girls Next Door and I knew exactly what she was talking about. So if anything check it out to see my friend Jessica Lowe who ironically looks like a younger cuter version of bridget marquardt.

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Mitch Hedberg Appreciation Day

So everyone once in a while I find my wave over to the Zeitgeist to see exactly what the latest web trends are (google searchwise that is).

I was shocked to find at number 2 with "Hotness: Volcanic " Mitch Hedberg, who is without a doubt my favorite comedian in a long.

mitch hedberg still number 2!
as far as I can tell from my extensive research (I clicked on two links)... there is absolutely no reason for this spike, unless it's purely based on starbucks patrons with google phones.. So if you have a clue, let me know.

I guess people just have Mitch on the mind today

Otherwise I dub this National Mitch Heberg day

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Miss America 2009 - Miss Indiana Katie Stam (Bikini pics)

Hey Folks,

So here it is, Saturday night Katie Stam, Miss Indiana was crowned the 88th winner in this national pageant.

Here she is looking all happy and surprised, getting ready to thank all the little people and Jesus. (I love midgets and Mexicans too, I mean come on who doesn't!)

The news reports she was fought through a throat infection to win the $55,000 prize - and honestly I'd do the same thing if I have a chance. So good for her. Bravo. I hope you like maps.

Here's the thing about all this. I had no idea. Not that I care that I missed the chance to place wagers on bikini clad vixens. but I feel somehow my responsibility of an overly masculine hooligan has been shirked. So since I missed the big moment instead I present you with Katie Stam from the bikini competition:

Well there you have it. I think. I mean seriously I did like 3 minutes of research on this. But I feel my job as a shovenist pig has been reinstated and I can sleep tight knowing that.

So say good bye to What's her name, good old 19 yr old Miss 2008. She's all washed up. But let's get one final salute from her.

and God bless (miss) America

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

15x Comic Strip - Happy Obama Day Folks

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Let the YTG Sighting begin.

And now for an onslaught of videos from the 3rd annual Hollywood Youtube Gathering. Starting off with the beautiful SugarfaceC

I realize I haven't finished my recap, but honestly. We all hung out, had fun and ate some pizza. That basically covers it. Oh and I was in a picture with Adam Sandler (or two) - coming.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3rd Annual Youtube Gathering 2009 Hollywood CA

So here's my quick review of the 3rd Annual Youtube Gathering in Hollywood, CA 2009. First off I just want to say - Good F'ing times!

10 AM Crepe Breakfast
So the day started with me rushing down to the cafe, thankfully nearby my apartment. (I have to say I'm on cafe overload these days. I'm there almost every day) Usually I simply get a large coffee and then sit around and make my money back by sucking up band width and electricity.

But what is Crepe breakfast without crepes!? (I really should have taken a picture of my food, I realize this now.)

Anyway I waited around and people started arriving, thank God. For a minute I thought "this is too early, no one is showing up". However it was even better then I thought. there where about ten of us all together and we hung out eating and chit chatting till about 11:30 when we headed out to the gathering.

For the record, I got the 'Savoy' a crepe filled with Nutella and Strawberries. It was amazing.

Noon The Gathering
So as with any gathering, a small cluster of us (mostly the breakfast peeps) found our way to the meeting spot and hung out in front of the stairs to get in as many people's way as possible. Yay us!

3rd Annual Youtube Gathering 2009 Hollywood CA
3rd Annual Youtube Gathering 2009 Hollywood CA3rd Annual Youtube Gathering 2009 Hollywood CA

In time more and more people showed up. I think the head count was somewhere around 30+ people. We had our share of eCelebs with Katiesopinion, itsbrent, olgakay and Boh3m3. a bunch of seasoned regulars Confidential247, thetalesend, nbwulf, misssarahb and alicecooper

3rd Annual Youtube Gathering 2009 Hollywood CA
3rd Annual Youtube Gathering 2009 Hollywood CA3rd Annual Youtube Gathering 2009 Hollywood CA

So our banner was on the front page of stickam. I post bulletins all over about going live from the gathering. and then. Boosh.

So here's the deal - we were supposed to get a Nokia from stickam HQ to broadcast through. But Thursday I get an email asking me if I have a simm card, which I don't (Verizon Phone...) so the phone is no go. So I took my laptop, and set it up and honestly I don't know if I was ever actually live and connected of not. I set it all up and closed the laptop for easy carrying and when I opened it later it had done a full shut down. So I'm guessing I was like for 3 seconds and 1 lurker.

Ok.. let's call this part one. I'm getting bored with myself. So here's some more pretty pictures from the gathering. and more to come later.

3rd Annual Youtube Gathering 2009 Hollywood CA3rd Annual Youtube Gathering 2009 Hollywood CA3rd Annual Youtube Gathering 2009 Hollywood CA

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life, What a Drag

I guess this falls under the samproof sightings category. But the other day Supricky aka Jungleboy asked me to be a part of this Collab video/parody song. I maintain that I was drugged.

Not too much to say about this. That's me, and hey I've got prime real estate as the first face seen that's not Chris. See kids, blow jobs get you everywhere!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Become an Official Raz Fan

Nothing says you're a fan of Raz from Tim and Eric like facebook fandom

Fan up!

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Awesomecon 2009?

I have to admit being Raz has not kept me in the loop. I have no idea what's going on with Tim and Eric these days. I know they're going to be in town tomorrow (live). But I'm going to be preoccupied with the Youtube Gathering in Hollywood.

I really want to find out if they're planning on doing another awesomecon this year. I know comicon is coming up in July 23rd - 26th. So I'm guessing that awesomecon will be that Saturday like it was last year. but who knows I could be completely wrong.

So if anyone finds out when and where they're holding awesomecon, let me know and I'll make sure Raz makes another apperance.

This year I want to do the whole comiccon thing as well.

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Breaking up the Tedium

There's been just too much text here lately so here's a few pictures. There's are photos I did for a catalog shoot. I used to do photo shoots all the time, now it seems like I'm down to one a year. I need to change that. Anyone in LA interested in doing something a little more outside the box then these photos let me know.

You can check out more of my photography at

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Good Times

What a day... seems like the theme was re meet people from 2 years ago.

First a beautiful fetish model myspaced me to come hang out and then I ended up at my cafe with a bunch of web celebs I'd met at the winnies back in 07.

I'm exhausted and off to bed, someone remind me to expound upon all this and name names and such.

Big day tomorrow, Day 3 shooting the documentary. Gotta film stuff for a collab with SupRicky, and another secret collab and get some things ready for the Youtube Gathering (just found out itsBrent is coming!)

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Completely Cheese'd Off.

I don't rant much. I gave up that kind of thing with being a teenager. Pushed it down, packed it away.

But right now I'm livid, and over what? Cheese. Munster cheese. which btw is one of the top 5 cheeses. I don't have proof just take my word for it.

There's small mom and pop type grocery store a couple blocks from me. It's a little expensive, but it's close and I like to support the indie owner. Besides I feel like I save gas money cause I can just walk to it.

Yesterday I get some things including half a pound of Muster cheese and stow it away in the fridge. This morning I go to partake in the wonder that is cheese. I unwrap to find myself starring at 6 or 7 really really thick slices of cheese. Seriously? what the fuck am I supposed to do with that? I've seen this deli guy probably a 50 times and I can't think of a single time I said to him "can you make that super fucking thick?" no.

And now I can't even find my receipt so I'm screwed, stuff with my thick cheese.

It's a stupid insignificant thing to rant over, but this really cheeses me off. I think this is some kind of karmic payback for inspiring this cheese thread.

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Picture pages!

taken by wmmarc

Brad really makes this picture come alive.

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Long Ass Day

God what a day.

• Put up a new video, just a quick vlog about the youtube gathering in Hollywood Saturday (see below).

• Shot two tapes of footage for the documentary I'm producing. More on that later. Shooting again Friday!

• Got home, ate, and then rushed off to Digg Nation live at the knitting factory
• Met lots of people (thanks to Web Photog Extraordinaire Wm. Marc Salsberry) including This girl & Lala from Tiki.

• Walked from knitting factory to UCB (and I've been exhausted since) - crossed paths twice with a girl with green hair. If I believe in fate I would have thought I should say something, but whatever.

• Watched an awesome show with the Return of Ben Schwartz to Kadammit (they won, again) and then walked home, blogged and off to bed.

Tomorrow - do less.

oh yea here's the video:

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How to Waste A Tuesday

So a few days ago I ran in to Joesph. Wait let's go back.

So a few weeks ago I met Joesph. Wait Let's go back.

So a few years ago I saw Joesph.

Yea that's it that's the begining. I've been living in the same place almost 9 years now, about 2 years ago this great little cafe opened up down the street and since then myself and a bunch of other regulars have been there often 4 or more days a week. I don't put a lot of effort into meeting new people. I don't know what it is. I used to be really open to meeting people, and these days I'd rather just watch from a far.

The other day I saw this guy I've seen a couple thousand times and I just thought, what the fuck, just acknowledge each others existence. So I said hi, we talked briefly and hazzah i promptly forgot his name and vice versa.

A few days ago I ran in to him again and we started talking, he told me he was going to be directing his first film. So having no real obligations I said "well if you ever need a guy with dreads, let me know" and he paused looked at his paperwork and said he'd see me on set Tuesday.

So I arrive on set meet some people and hang out.
I proceed to hang out for about 6 hours. Though here and there they needed someone to have in the background. So I got to sit somewhere else.

then finally I delivered my line, twice and bam that was it.
Such is the life.

But in all honesty it was a good way to kill a day. Lot's of good people, ran in to an aquantance on set, which was cool and I got to talk to the executive producer and he invited me to email him about some of the scripts I've got laying around. So cross your fingers!

and with that, I'm off to go shoot a documentary.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Proud to be Narcissistic

Well there's a new web craze pulling in all the vainest of the vain, so I hopped on the band wagon because you've got to keep up with the jones or the ijustines.. or the smoshes w/e bastardized web version of the cliche need apply. So without further ado and stuff check out my profile. I'm actually alot higher then I thought I'd rank. I expected to come in around 1200+ so I guess i'm twice as good as I think. There's a learning lesson for you. I really wish I knew anything about programming I could set up a site like this that played off peoples want of cewebrity and pull in some revenue. Anyone out there a programmer that wants to work for cash on the back end?

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

By The Power of Grayskull I Haz the Ring of Fire!

I'm being extravagant, I have a covered story - I haven't slept in 24+ hours so "my judgment is impaired". Not that I'm really doing to much of any particular outlandish thing.

(ok side note, some girl next to me is talk to this guy and has been making the 'jerk off' motion for a full minute. ok she stopped. I wish I could have heard what inspired so much jerking.)

ok back to me. Hi I'm awesome, I can say that because sleeplessnessocity has impaired my judgment. This is essentially the sleep depp blog equivalent of Drunk Texting. There's no Googgogles for this. I haz the power! Yay Grayskully.

I wish I had a sword right now. So what outlandish things did I do in my sleep deprived state? Oh baby get ready for a cavalcade of action packed awesomity.

• I started my continuation of the day by watching something like 6 episodes of Battlestar Galactica Season 2 - Holy shit dudes, they made robots look like us, and the robots... dude... dude.. srsly check it... srsly... they fucking rebelled! what are the odds? (But for real I'm just now catching up, and it's awesome. Great show.)

• Then I watched the worst thing to ever happen to Fantasy ever. It's called 'The Legend of Some Douche Bag' or 'legend of the seeker' or '8 Rules about shutting the fuck up' - I could seriously go on ad naseium about just how bad this show is, but my friend assured me, nobody watches it. So it'll all go away like a bad dream. I'm just going to say this "Helicopter Shots" and fantasy don't mix, and a CG arrow no matter how slow and matrixy you get - would still be fucking blurry you stupid...#$@#@%$ - mk done.

• After this I showered and did dishes, because our building hasn't had hot water in as long as I'd been awake plus some. - I know, super crazy.

• I consulted my friend quickly on the pros and cons of food choices and made my way to the sushi place. They have a happy hour, I did me some damage : California Roll, Hamachi and Salmon Sushi - I even took a picture, it's awesome. I don't have my cable to download it from the camera, so just trust me looking at this picture. I want to make fuck to wasabi. you heard me.

• Now things really get out of hand, I head over to Borders and sit down copying information for magazines that might publish excerpts from my novel & or poetry or short stories. - I know, right? I did something that might better me. That's pretty fucked up - who does that?

• Eventually (after running in to an old friend and totally, not hitting on her) I made my way up to the cafe. Yep the one I spend 4 or more days a week at. I know, "how odd", you're words not mine. I got myself a coffee, I just want to make it to 8 or 9 pm I don't think there's any fear of this waking me up.

• and lastly I wrote this mother fucking blog. Word son.

I know - lock me away, shove the keys up Christopher Walkin's butt. You've got some weird ideas my friend. I like you. Did I ever tell you, what the queers are doing to the soil?

I just want to say one thing before you judge me. You read this. So who's the crazy one?

This should probably have more pictures and links, but I can't be bothered to make it make sense so this is happening:

Lobster Cash

Stay Strong,


Monday, January 05, 2009


Once again my awesome talents have landed me in this short little ditty that's making it's way around the festival circuit. Amy Vorpahl and Daniel Weiss join me along with some other great actors from upright citizens brigade in this short created by Robert Shultz (from my writers group 'Solar Proof') -Even Tigger makes a cameo in this clever slideshow!

Stay Strong,


Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sleepless nights and Sleepercar - a tale of two ironies

So anyone following my Twitter, my plurk, my facebook status and a dozen other social networking notifyers know I stayed up all night.

Truth of the matter is, I didn't worm my way out of bed till 6pm in the first place. I've been sick, which is true and yet that's only half the excuse. I'm nocturnal. I always have been, the best thing I learned in High School was how to sleep in class without getting got.

It's not like I'm wasting my time i just have a natural propensity for a non diurnal existence. I spend my waking hours very much like anyone would spend daylight hours. I'm productive, I do things, I create, I eat, I search, I play, I relax and I exist.

My existence has been lacking in music lately. I haven't bought music in forever, and more to the point in this world of the internet and easily obtainable back doors to music.... let's just say - my iTunes has barely changed in 5 years. the playlist has actually grown smaller and smaller as I've moved it all through 3 different computers.

So in making my rounds last night I sought out leads to new bands, I picked up the trail from the broken pieces of 'At the Drive-in' and arrived eventually at 'SleeperCar' a side project from a man who I've met several times through out my life, and I hope he still calls me friend should he ever think of me.

I've been listening to this track for a while now, it's pretty much awesome. If you love this song as much as I do, feel free to leave me musical suggestions.

Sleepercar "A Broken Promise"

Stay Strong,


Year in Review

So I'm sitting back trying to remember 2008.

It whipped on by, and 2009 doesn't seem to be stopping speed. Probably doesn't hurt that I'm up at night all by myself and I sleep the day away, but such is life. I'm trying to turn it around but whatever.

Point being, 2008 was all in all pretty amazing. It was certainly a whirl wind, and honestly I think I went out on top. I mean hell I was just on the youtube front page a month ago. Before that I tore up Nanowrimo and pumped out 50,000+ words in to what will hopefully be my second completed novel. And I went through 4 levels of improv classes at UCB, not to mention Sketch 101. So all in all this year was a success.

Of course, being so busy I can't even remember the last date I officially went on, let alone the last time I had sex, or the last girl I kissed - or even held in a close embrace. I'm sure it must have happened, and maybe if I wasn't so highly caffeinated I could focus and remember... or maybe it didn't happen - in which case this year has been a failure.

But I know something else - time keeps moving, and I've cleaned up a lot of things(talk about new layouts here and here!), including my apartment and my driving situation, so it's ready to take some chances and get messy again. 2008 is over and I'm ready to muck up twenty aught nine real good.

Let's get fucking dirty!

Stay Strong,


Friday, January 02, 2009

Failpire - Fails upward!

Hey Folks,

So here's a quick run down on some thing you may or may not know about.

Since July of last year I've been hosting 'Failpire' a weekly late night style talk show, that include interview guests, live musical performances, and a cavalcade of funny videos.
So what's coming up?
New Schedule - early time and more days
Give Aways - in fact if you sign up to you'll already be entering to win one of ten mystery prizes I'll be giving our weekly, starting the last week of January.
Wiki-Pire - yep we've set up a wiki all about past guests, videos, etc Check it out here and sign up for free to help edit!
Facebook - We've got a fanpage
Short Race - yep Short Race - the 100 hour video challenge is coming back, in a day and time to give you the weekend to create your video submissions!
Video Promotion - Upload your funniest, videos for a chance to be played on Failpire to thousands of viewers and have your video featured on out front page.
Pictures and more - I've finally gotten in to the backlog of pictures so check em out!
Stay Strong,


Welcome to the Future - this is your TV Show

Seems like just yesterday, or the day before, it was 2008. A whole year ago. yup, ah. The majesy, the glory. A clean slate ahead of us, endless amounts of time and plotting, and potential spans out before us like a Machiavellian flow chart. We have but to want to succeed. That's what the secret would have you believe anyway.

But here's the sad bitter truth about the human condition.

We believe in 'The Sit Com' that tried and true entertainment standard. We believe in 'The Hero's Journey' all our favorite movies follow it to an exemplified T. Double Crossed and Super Blue, now in stainless steel.

So what's it teach us?

The human condition is made better through suffering.

If the Hero gets the girl, The shows over.
If the criminal makes all amends on his list, there's no interesting drama to come forth.
If the advertising firm partner fess's up to his entire life being fictitious and his life being full of affairs and casual encounters - wait actually things pretty much stay shitty for that guy.

My point is, we have this deep ingrained knowledge of "Story", that's why movies follow the same patterns, that's why Cliche's continue to exist. Because somewhere deep in our sense of being, we believe that has to be, for a good story.

And now we've entered in to this world where the internet has lead us all to believe Andy Warhol was not only right, but completely obliviously too how much of an understatement he was making.

We're not all going to get out 15 seconds of fame, we're going to all grow to believe our lives are Sit Coms and movies.

We have our own Soundtracks
We have our own Public Relations
We have our own secret belief that we're the center of something great.

So we have our own secret belief, we need to suffer, we need drama, we need to make a pretty good story for everyone else.

And it keeps us from fulfilling the things we want the most.

If you get the girl - your story is over
If you get a good job, a promotion, record deal, gallery contract, published - Season over
If you become famous - end of the series

but that's the facade. we all know LIFE GOES ON.
no matter what happens next life will be there waiting for you.

So take risks. Don't sit around like a lemming visualizing success. Go be successful.

Stay Strong,