Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Telling, The Movie

Once again I've been watching google trends all day. I just refreshed it to see of all things, in the number 2 position yet another surprise. (side note these 4 kids keep looking at me.. 'ZOMG is that Raz?' I'm waiting...)

anyway let's get back to the point I was making.. so Google trends right now look like this:

Today's Hot Trends (USA)
1. patrick mcdermott
2. the telling
3. resveratrol
4. the telling movie
5. sirtris

6. before the wedding night
7. david morgan whips
8. gavin rossdale
9. ascorbic acid
10. james earl jones

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See that in #2 That's 'The Telling" Staring and produced by Bridget Marquardt, formerly Hef's number 2 girl. I'm guessing the spike is because it was just released on DVD or some such thing (I know there is no way it's being released in a thearter.) I don't want to say too much cause honestly when I was working at 'Girls Next Door' I signed so much paper work if I say anything about the movie they just might be able to come after me (plus I'm still counting on them for a job this spring).

File:Bridget Marquardt-D.jpg

But as a little side note, a girl from my sketch 101 class ended dropping the course. When I asked her where she went she told me she'd gotten a role on a movie from that girl on Girls Next Door and I knew exactly what she was talking about. So if anything check it out to see my friend Jessica Lowe who ironically looks like a younger cuter version of bridget marquardt.

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Breakoutsherri said...

Jessica Lowe is fabulous!

SamProof said...

@Breakoutsherri yes Jessica is really great and a complete cutie.