Wish List

This is my wish list. I do a lot of things specializing in Video Production, Writing, Photography and more.

If you want to donate something to me, I'd love to return your generosity however I can tweet shout out/video/blog - whatever

Broadcast/Video Production Wants/Needs
  • Green Screen (10x12 or larger preferred)
  • Light Kit
  • 3 chip Mini DV camera 
  • Four lavalier mics
  •  3 smaller $200 range Mini DV cams, with Video switcher (capable of firewire and A/V)
  • Firewire hub and Firewire 800 cables
Photography Wants/Needs
I currently have a Canon Rebel T1i - with the standard 50mm lens. So pretty much anything related to that
  • Telephoto/Zoom lens 75-300mm (roughly)
  • Macro Lens
  • Sports lens 700mm etc
  • Canon Wireless Remote Control
  • Canon battery grip
  • Extra Batteries 
  • 60 LED HD Video Light Panel 
  • SD Memory Cards
  • Vidpro gripster tripod (magnetic pref) 
 Car Based Wants/Needs
  • Window Mount Tripod (suction cup)
  • GPS
  • Verizon mifi (or similar wifi on the go device) 
  •  iPod Touch/iPohone (mp3 player)
  • Tech friendly backpack (lots of compartments, cushioned straps)
  •  Bunk Bed/Desk space saving furniture
  • Give Aways with my logo (and yours) - USB drives, pens, stickers - fun stuff tech people would want.