Thursday, January 28, 2010

NonCon - a youtube gathering

Hey Folks,

So in short new video up - hazzah.

For more information on NonCon look to The NonCon Facebook Page

Stay Strong,


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Number Don't Mean It's Good!

Hey Folks,

So you'd think I'd be in a better mood. To be honest this whole day has felt a little off, I slept on and off for about 4 hours then finally woke up at some stupid early hour.

But mid way through my day, after going through my normal routine of checking my sites I find to my surprise this.

Yep once again youtube has featured one of my videos. Another vlog

as a side note, I have no idea why it is, but the videos I feel the least about, I put the least effort in to, I do just to keep myself going (and mainly vlogs) seem to get featured 5 times more often then the videos I put my heart and soul in.

That's some kind of cruel joke, or irony or something, I don't know.

Anyway - either way, I'm totally thankful anytime a video gets featured no matter what video it is. It's totally humbling to watch the numbers go crazy, see the comments build up - even the silly morons/haters/children that leave awesome things like today's comment of the day.

People must just see dreadlocks and awesome that means drugs. I don't really get it, do you really think if I were stoned I could sit there and edit a video with that many jump cuts?

Anyway, so here I am watching stats (obsessively), reading all the comments, which aren't really that bad as far as hate comments go - I've only been called Rob Zombie once so far, told my videos suck twice, nobody has called me a Caveman yet or told me to grow up... so honestly it's pretty tame.

Among being obsessive about stats is this damn site. It shows you hour by hour how many people have subscribed to your site (or in my case, how many have unsubscribed as well)... and now they've added a new feature that shows your landmark goals. It looks like this

Earlier in the day I was thinking to myself "I want to get to 10,000 subscribers by May, by my birthday" and now looking at this thing (if I wanted to believe it) I would have to wait 2 and a half years to make that mark!?!@$?$T^# WTF!?

So now I'm even more hell bent on my mission of getting 10K by May - hell it even rhymes, so it must be true!

I know these projections are only based on 54 channels so, which isn't enough to give a truly accurate scientific data - much like those people claiming Avatar is the best movie ever because the TV told them it is, because it won the big award, because it's got the biggest box office returns.

So the Twilight books are better then Dostoevsky?
Lady Gaga is better then Mozart?
The SlapChop is better then the... well actually the slapchop is pretty bad ass. So forget that one.

Hell by that logic in someway, Fred is better then entirety of the BBC.

These numbers, they don't mean anything. We knew Avatar was going to be a huge success right out of the gate because it was in our face.

So once again it's just a numbers game. If I had the Marketing of Avatar I'd of course be "better", but it doesn't mean I'd have most quality of substance of the Dr. Parnassus of youtube, who I assume is maybe the Receptionist, or Mysterguitarman.

Anyway time to stop obsessing about numbers and start making something I feel good about!

Stay Strong,

PS - LA stop raining you bitch!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Curse of Dr. Parnassus - Johnny Depp Dead

Hey Folks,

So it seems in the wee hours of the night, twitter has come alive with "#RIPJohnnydepp"

Blog are citing " A tourist said that he saw a car-wreck alongside the road"

and people are slowly going crazy.

There's just one problem. This all happened in 2004

Yep, the sad truth is He's been dead 6 whole years now! ZOMG!

That'll teach Heath Ledger a thing or two about acting!

So fear not kiddies, this is just more internet grade bullshit. In the meantime chill out, relax, drink up, stroke off, or just have a laugh on the panicking masses - on the house.

Stay Strong,

PS - If I wake up in the morning and he's really dead... um.. oops, my bad. Idiots.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coachella list is up - who cares?

Hey Folks, the Coachella line up is out, and for the first time in history - I just don't care.

There's not a single band on that list that I'm excited over. Not one "Oh Nice", Not even a "I'd cream my pants to see them live".

There's a few "Oh it'd be novel to see Devo Live" or "sigh, I used to like Faith No More" and maybe even a "Do I really want to stand around the middle of the desert with 200,000 people to hear 'Sunny Day Real Estate' sing me into a suicidal depression?

I mean as far as suicidal depressions go, the desert makes perfect sense really. Though I suppose I'd rather start some kind of cult ala Manson, which I guess you find inspiration from... Jay Z? or possibly Thom Yorke.

To be fair, I'd pay 5 bucks to see this show. I'd go for an hour, stand under the oppression of the hot sun, smell the odour of the sweaty people, pay my 6 bucks for a water and 10 for a hot dog and pretty much call it a day having seen a few minutes of Coheed and Cambria, or Yo La Tengo or the nostalgia of Echo and the Bunnymen.

But thanks for existing Coachella - and more over, thanks for not making me feel like I was missing anything important. - Cool.

Stay Strong,


Friday, January 15, 2010

Mostly Blogging

Hey Folks,

Mostly I'm sitting here killing time. But Mostly I'm trying to pretend I can be creative on the fly.

I have a show tonight, my group Donut Video is going to be on the UCB stage for a whopping 10 minutes. It's pretty intense I know. How on earth could well possibly fill ten whole minutes with improv!?

Well don't fear - we're ready. We ran like a hundred ten minute drills last night, and at least half of them were funny. So we've got this, mostly.

I should have pictures - to distract you from the fact that I'm Mostly not talking about anything.

There, I find Mostly no need to explain this picture. Though I do tend to find it creepy. Because of this.

Anyway, so I've killed all the time I think is possible, Mostly.
And I guess I should start thinking about getting ready for my show tonight. I need to try to do something to get my voice back, it's really scratchy from coughing and that's no good, mostly.

Stay Strong,


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Working Together

Hey Folks,

It efforts to just be more productive and such - here I am online blogging.

Everyday can't be a vlog, and actually I don't even know that I could come up ideas fast enough to do so.

Which is why I've started a new video collab collective group.

I'm hoping to make it a place where people can find other people to collaborate on videos together.

It's also going to be a place for people to make suggestions for me to do.

So If you make Youtube/Web Videos

join the group and let's make take over youtube together!

Stay Strong,


Happy Rubber Duckie Day - It's January 13th!

Everyone wish Ernie's Rubber Ducky a happy birthday!

Stay Strong,


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why Team Conan?

Why Team Conan?

I've been sitting here thinking, if this happened to Leno - it would just happen.
If it happened to Jimmy Fallen - people would laugh it off, say "about time" and be done with it.

But why is Conan so important?

Leno is the lead guy out there in the Late night world, he's for all intensive purposes a tool of "The Man". Fallen is the new comer, still paying his dues and earning his following.

Conan is the voice of a generation.

I don't know that Leno's a voice, maybe he's the voice of a slightly older generation? I grew up with them both. Watch the high pitched stand up hocking Doritos, watched the red headed Ginger earn my viewership.

Twitter has been all a buss with #teamConan His 3 of the top 10 trending topics.

Fanbook fanpages have been starting left and right and the Team Conan fanpage already has over 5000, gaining about 1000 fans an hour as far as I can tell.

Conan is the graceful, modest, dreamer.
He's already made it clear that he knows he's been blessed, he's been lucky, he's had a chance of a lifetime - and maybe that's enough. Because if NBC goes through with this move of time slots, he's also made it clear - he won't go with it.

He put out a simple statement, asked nothing of his fans, and yet here we are - in the begining murmurs of uproar.

Conan is - sub culture, and sub culture roots for the under dog when injustice comes around.

It was the sub culture that sent Peanuts to bushels of nuts to CBS making them reconsider a Jericho cancellation.

It was sub culture that brought Family guy back.

We've watched as time and time again good things have fallen. Arrested Development, Futurama, and now - our voice, our king our leader of all that is Funny.

That red quaff of hair isn't an apology that needs to be made, it's a Crown born to the True King of Sub Culture comedy.

God save the King, Long Live the King - #TeamConan

Stay Strong,


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Comment of the Day - 13 Rulz

Hey Folks,

Today's comment of the day is actually some very sound advice, in bit size portions we can all utilize and digest - from PeaceProfit from the video Get Serious and Grow Up

Stay Strong,


Thursday, January 07, 2010

Epic 2009 Collab Video

Hey Folks,

I don't know how 2009 treated you - but as I said in my last video - it was stone cold bitch to me. That year was like "yo buy me a skrimp dinner, and you ain't getting no play, and I'mma invote my friend over to use all your TP - biatch."

I mean sure, it dressed hot, and had big fake boobs. But 2009 - sucked it.

So I'm going to do a brief "Good Riddance" video for 2009.

DEADLINE : Sunday 11pm - January 10 th

This is what I want from you:
  • say a short goodbye; good riddance, fairwell, suck it, get bent, get lost, etc
  • you can be flip, terse, blunt, but keep it PG-ish (hell you can curse I'll bleep it out.. and maybe I'll pout up the uncensored version as well...)
  • SD/HQ Standard quality is fine. I don't need HD for this
  • Don't bother letter boxing.
  • .mov, .mpeg are best but i can convert most files
  • email to samproof @ gmail dot com
In return for your submission (and therefore permission to use your video) I will put a link back to whatever website of yours you want (youtube, twitter, homepage, facebook, etc). As well as your screen name.

So be sure to include 1 Link to be included in the video description.

if you send multiple links, I'll use the first one - the others will be included in the blog entry that accompanies the video (on this blog).

Please Leave any Questions below.

I do ask that if you send me a clip, you don't use it yourself (or at least wait to post it until the collab video is up first)

Stay Strong,


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Comment of the Day - Damn Bro

Hey Folks,

It's always awesome when one of my videos gets featured somewhere or goes viral, becuase the "real people" step up to the plate and decide they need to leave a comment and make their voice heard.

Which is awesome, cause every comment/view just makes that video this much more popular.

Well yesterday this video did just that - and today I was learned a valuable lesson.

Damn bro, I'm immature. and further more, bros rule the world.
In my defense I didn't know there were a bunch of 5 year olds out there paying rent on an apartment and car, paying bills, cooking for themselves and putting in 8 hr days working on things even though they don't have too, cause they don't have a job.

But shit man, if there is a 5 year old doing all that. He's probably too mature to Bro out online.

And furthermore on the furthermore, I wear it as a badge to know, that inspite of my age and responsibilities I've never lost sight of having fun, being silly and just not taking life too seriously.

Cause it's those people that think, there is such a thing as "growing up" that lose their dreams, have bad blood pressure, get heart attacks, treat other people like shit, get embarrassed, get stuck in dead end jobs, get divorced and die alone. So enjoy your very mature life, bro.

Stay Strong,

PS please feel free to reply to this comment of the day here