Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Curse of Dr. Parnassus - Johnny Depp Dead

Hey Folks,

So it seems in the wee hours of the night, twitter has come alive with "#RIPJohnnydepp"

Blog are citing " A tourist said that he saw a car-wreck alongside the road"

and people are slowly going crazy.

There's just one problem. This all happened in 2004

Yep, the sad truth is He's been dead 6 whole years now! ZOMG!

That'll teach Heath Ledger a thing or two about acting!

So fear not kiddies, this is just more internet grade bullshit. In the meantime chill out, relax, drink up, stroke off, or just have a laugh on the panicking masses - on the house.

Stay Strong,

PS - If I wake up in the morning and he's really dead... um.. oops, my bad. Idiots.