Friday, May 22, 2009

My Future Birthday

I just found out Coldstone has a birthday deal, where you sign up and get a free icey treat on your birthday. However when I tried this, I was met with a small problem.

My Future Birthday

So I took to the ePen and tried to save the world from this horrible fate. A fate in which one store exists in a B Liner time line. All us poor A Liner shmucks have lost too many cold treats due to their reversed time line and I won't stand for it! So I sent them this:

Dear Coldstones,

I recently tried to sign up to your website so I could get a birthday gift. My bday is this Sunday. however I encountered an odd problem when trying to create my account.

The website would never complete the registration insisting my birthday had not happened yet.

included is a link to a screen capture of my future birthday problem.

Though I wish I were Benjamin Buttons and aging towards youth, my liner progression goes the other way - and all I wanted was something cold and chocolate to celebrate it with.

Sadly seeing as my birthday is over the weekend I fear I'll never get this free treat in time to use it. But maybe I can bring attention to the problem so other will.

-Stay Strong,
btw on reviewing the facts... shouldn't a birthday be in the future anyway? I can't celebrate a birthday in the past! that's already happened! That would be crazy.

hey everyone join me tomorrow in griffith park, I had a birthday once in the 80's it was a really good one, and I just want to celebrate that one again. mk thanks.

Stay Strong,


PS How the fuck did they know?!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Micro NonStars - Round 2 - Day 1 Results

Well the first Day of Round two has come to a close and the polls start the new day at:
MicroNonstars Rn2 Day1 Poll Results

Go watch the videos and vote at

JJSComedy starts strong with more votes then all 3 contenders combined. But can he keep it up?

Stay Strong,


What's new in May

So Quick update on stuff.

First I finally got last weeks 'Jenni Likes it!!!!!' segment up on podpocalypse.

And while I'm talking about that, That channel just passed 100 subs already. Thanks guy! Really soon I'll have some cooler stuff to put up there, like musical performances and interviews etc.

Second point of action. Round 1 of Micro NonStars ended yesterday. I'll be posting 2 new battles for Round 2 later today. at

Thirdly hmm what the fuck was thirdly.

Oh I may be having Shane Dawson as my guest on this weeks failpire, cross your fingers. Or don't w/e.

Oh yea now I remember, which makes this fourthly

I've had this gift certificate for amazon for almost a year. So in honor of my birthday I made a few purchases including a 2 usb extension chords and a multi media card reader (I've had stuff stuck on one of my camera's for months - hence the up and coming music performances for podpocalypse). I got a few other things but it totally escapes me right now... maybe mini dv tapes.

So that's the quick and narrow.

Oh and if you haven't voted on video fight club this week, go forth. I got a hottie to guest host it this week.

Stay Strong,


Friday, May 15, 2009

Camera Conundrum

Ah the camera conundrum.

For a while I was using my friends GL1 to do things, film the documentary, youtube videos, etc. But I no longer have access to it. His GF's little brother claimed it and took it 3000 miles away.

So now I stand with ten million goggle results for my future destiny.

Of course being currently unemployed and trying to keep internet ventures profitable is a very tenacious balance. So what do I do? Upgrade to the next level of 3 chip quality yet most affordable - like a GL2? and pray.

or do I go for broke and grab something bigger better, with multiple lenses and just cross my fingers it all works out?

Stay Strong,


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Geek Out 09

Hey Folks,

The other night I to tubefilters Geekout. Basically a big geeky networking get together.

Which reminds me, I need to make business cards.. or new zines. Actually I want to try a mini zine layout. but that's neither here nor there.

I met some pretty cool people (AV Flox, Marsha Collier, Sol and Jacob from 12seconds) ran into some cool people (andreaball, Starwarsdork, whatthebuck, hotforwords, tay zonday) - Actually I take credit for getting Michael Buckley to come out to the party in the first place. :D Go me.

I really don't have anything interesting to report, but it was fun. Here's some Mad Pimping Pictures with JenniPowell and Starwarsdork.

Polite in PublicPolite in Public had a booth set up as well, so for some reason we were compelled to record these

GeekOut09: Why #iamageek on

GeekOut09: Why #iamageek on

Stay Strong,


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Battle of the Youtube Nonstars 3

Hey Folks,

I've started to promote the Battle of the youtube NonStars. just put up a video calling for nominations. I've already gotten about 50. Which is more then I'm going to let in to the competition. In fact, it's more then double what I'll be putting in.

Here's the video

Now on the bright side, this means I'd have enough to do a 4th BOTYTNS immediately if I want (and have time... and haven't killed myself from the first one).

I' probably going to not take anymore nominations after tomorrow - or 100 nominations. Which ever comes first. Please Make nominations in the comments on the video (not here).

Oh yea, apparently the powers that be put me in the spotlight for people and blogs, which I'm pretty sure is only worth an extra 200 views in this day and age. It's so buried. But yay me, I guess.

YouTube -Featured People & Blogs

Now I have to catch up on answering comments, including this awesome hater

what a fuckin' faggot........i hope someone throws u to the ground, cuts off your dreadlocks and then shits in your mouth. u gay bitch!
Yay that guy :D I'm probably not going to reply to that one. Probably. But you feel free.

Stay Strong,


Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Podpocalypse is Nigh

Hey Folks,

I've launched a new channel.

I'll be uploading new and old segments alike from my thursday stickam show.
Including live music, contest giveaways, and more!

Check out this first video segment from Contest corner.
Find the contest links in the video description
(just click on the video to go to the youtube page)

Stay Strong,


Hanging with the tubers

Hey Folks,

Just came from hanging out with these guys

Now it's 1am and I'm feeling like I need to get some things accomplished.

I don't know what it was but hanging out made me realize I have so many things I've let fall to the waste side and I want to pick them back up before they've lost all steam.

That's part of the problem with being me, I have no less then 100 ideas at any given time that I want to work on. There's only so much time in a day. I need an army of people at my side helping with all the projects. That said I'm glad that Failpire/Podpocalypse has begun to gain a staff.

I'm still looking for more people to help out, especially with some web elements like blogging and searching the web for stuff. So if you're interested in volunteering your time let me know.

Stay Strong,