Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Battle of the Youtube Nonstars 3

Hey Folks,

I've started to promote the Battle of the youtube NonStars. just put up a video calling for nominations. I've already gotten about 50. Which is more then I'm going to let in to the competition. In fact, it's more then double what I'll be putting in.

Here's the video

Now on the bright side, this means I'd have enough to do a 4th BOTYTNS immediately if I want (and have time... and haven't killed myself from the first one).

I' probably going to not take anymore nominations after tomorrow - or 100 nominations. Which ever comes first. Please Make nominations in the comments on the video (not here).

Oh yea, apparently the powers that be put me in the spotlight for people and blogs, which I'm pretty sure is only worth an extra 200 views in this day and age. It's so buried. But yay me, I guess.

YouTube -Featured People & Blogs

Now I have to catch up on answering comments, including this awesome hater

what a fuckin' faggot........i hope someone throws u to the ground, cuts off your dreadlocks and then shits in your mouth. u gay bitch!
Yay that guy :D I'm probably not going to reply to that one. Probably. But you feel free.

Stay Strong,