Friday, May 22, 2009

My Future Birthday

I just found out Coldstone has a birthday deal, where you sign up and get a free icey treat on your birthday. However when I tried this, I was met with a small problem.

My Future Birthday

So I took to the ePen and tried to save the world from this horrible fate. A fate in which one store exists in a B Liner time line. All us poor A Liner shmucks have lost too many cold treats due to their reversed time line and I won't stand for it! So I sent them this:

Dear Coldstones,

I recently tried to sign up to your website so I could get a birthday gift. My bday is this Sunday. however I encountered an odd problem when trying to create my account.

The website would never complete the registration insisting my birthday had not happened yet.

included is a link to a screen capture of my future birthday problem.

Though I wish I were Benjamin Buttons and aging towards youth, my liner progression goes the other way - and all I wanted was something cold and chocolate to celebrate it with.

Sadly seeing as my birthday is over the weekend I fear I'll never get this free treat in time to use it. But maybe I can bring attention to the problem so other will.

-Stay Strong,
btw on reviewing the facts... shouldn't a birthday be in the future anyway? I can't celebrate a birthday in the past! that's already happened! That would be crazy.

hey everyone join me tomorrow in griffith park, I had a birthday once in the 80's it was a really good one, and I just want to celebrate that one again. mk thanks.

Stay Strong,


PS How the fuck did they know?!