Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's new in May

So Quick update on stuff.

First I finally got last weeks 'Jenni Likes it!!!!!' segment up on podpocalypse.

And while I'm talking about that, That channel just passed 100 subs already. Thanks guy! Really soon I'll have some cooler stuff to put up there, like musical performances and interviews etc.

Second point of action. Round 1 of Micro NonStars ended yesterday. I'll be posting 2 new battles for Round 2 later today. at http://failpire.ning.com/page/micro-nonstars

Thirdly hmm what the fuck was thirdly.

Oh I may be having Shane Dawson as my guest on this weeks failpire, cross your fingers. Or don't w/e.

Oh yea now I remember, which makes this fourthly

I've had this gift certificate for amazon for almost a year. So in honor of my birthday I made a few purchases including a 2 usb extension chords and a multi media card reader (I've had stuff stuck on one of my camera's for months - hence the up and coming music performances for podpocalypse). I got a few other things but it totally escapes me right now... maybe mini dv tapes.

So that's the quick and narrow.

Oh and if you haven't voted on video fight club this week, go forth. I got a hottie to guest host it this week.

Stay Strong,