Friday, May 15, 2009

Camera Conundrum

Ah the camera conundrum.

For a while I was using my friends GL1 to do things, film the documentary, youtube videos, etc. But I no longer have access to it. His GF's little brother claimed it and took it 3000 miles away.

So now I stand with ten million goggle results for my future destiny.

Of course being currently unemployed and trying to keep internet ventures profitable is a very tenacious balance. So what do I do? Upgrade to the next level of 3 chip quality yet most affordable - like a GL2? and pray.

or do I go for broke and grab something bigger better, with multiple lenses and just cross my fingers it all works out?

Stay Strong,



JenniPowell said...

How about you borrow my DVX-100 for free until you have more money? Like from the millions you will make off my Jenni Likes It! segments. :)

Anonymous said...

Unemployed?!?!? Last I heard you got your big reality tv writing break!?!?!?

SamProof said...


you have a DVX100!? Why aren't you constantly making stuff?

and yes plz :)

SamProof said...


that was last fall, the season ended in November.

ppl in the industry are constantly unemployed, shows always end.

Who is you?

Stay Strong,