Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why Team Conan?

Why Team Conan?

I've been sitting here thinking, if this happened to Leno - it would just happen.
If it happened to Jimmy Fallen - people would laugh it off, say "about time" and be done with it.

But why is Conan so important?

Leno is the lead guy out there in the Late night world, he's for all intensive purposes a tool of "The Man". Fallen is the new comer, still paying his dues and earning his following.

Conan is the voice of a generation.

I don't know that Leno's a voice, maybe he's the voice of a slightly older generation? I grew up with them both. Watch the high pitched stand up hocking Doritos, watched the red headed Ginger earn my viewership.

Twitter has been all a buss with #teamConan His 3 of the top 10 trending topics.

Fanbook fanpages have been starting left and right and the Team Conan fanpage already has over 5000, gaining about 1000 fans an hour as far as I can tell.

Conan is the graceful, modest, dreamer.
He's already made it clear that he knows he's been blessed, he's been lucky, he's had a chance of a lifetime - and maybe that's enough. Because if NBC goes through with this move of time slots, he's also made it clear - he won't go with it.

He put out a simple statement, asked nothing of his fans, and yet here we are - in the begining murmurs of uproar.

Conan is - sub culture, and sub culture roots for the under dog when injustice comes around.

It was the sub culture that sent Peanuts to bushels of nuts to CBS making them reconsider a Jericho cancellation.

It was sub culture that brought Family guy back.

We've watched as time and time again good things have fallen. Arrested Development, Futurama, and now - our voice, our king our leader of all that is Funny.

That red quaff of hair isn't an apology that needs to be made, it's a Crown born to the True King of Sub Culture comedy.

God save the King, Long Live the King - #TeamConan

Stay Strong,