Thursday, January 07, 2010

Epic 2009 Collab Video

Hey Folks,

I don't know how 2009 treated you - but as I said in my last video - it was stone cold bitch to me. That year was like "yo buy me a skrimp dinner, and you ain't getting no play, and I'mma invote my friend over to use all your TP - biatch."

I mean sure, it dressed hot, and had big fake boobs. But 2009 - sucked it.

So I'm going to do a brief "Good Riddance" video for 2009.

DEADLINE : Sunday 11pm - January 10 th

This is what I want from you:
  • say a short goodbye; good riddance, fairwell, suck it, get bent, get lost, etc
  • you can be flip, terse, blunt, but keep it PG-ish (hell you can curse I'll bleep it out.. and maybe I'll pout up the uncensored version as well...)
  • SD/HQ Standard quality is fine. I don't need HD for this
  • Don't bother letter boxing.
  • .mov, .mpeg are best but i can convert most files
  • email to samproof @ gmail dot com
In return for your submission (and therefore permission to use your video) I will put a link back to whatever website of yours you want (youtube, twitter, homepage, facebook, etc). As well as your screen name.

So be sure to include 1 Link to be included in the video description.

if you send multiple links, I'll use the first one - the others will be included in the blog entry that accompanies the video (on this blog).

Please Leave any Questions below.

I do ask that if you send me a clip, you don't use it yourself (or at least wait to post it until the collab video is up first)

Stay Strong,