Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Comment of the Day - Damn Bro

Hey Folks,

It's always awesome when one of my videos gets featured somewhere or goes viral, becuase the "real people" step up to the plate and decide they need to leave a comment and make their voice heard.

Which is awesome, cause every comment/view just makes that video this much more popular.

Well yesterday this video did just that - and today I was learned a valuable lesson.

Damn bro, I'm immature. and further more, bros rule the world.
In my defense I didn't know there were a bunch of 5 year olds out there paying rent on an apartment and car, paying bills, cooking for themselves and putting in 8 hr days working on things even though they don't have too, cause they don't have a job.

But shit man, if there is a 5 year old doing all that. He's probably too mature to Bro out online.

And furthermore on the furthermore, I wear it as a badge to know, that inspite of my age and responsibilities I've never lost sight of having fun, being silly and just not taking life too seriously.

Cause it's those people that think, there is such a thing as "growing up" that lose their dreams, have bad blood pressure, get heart attacks, treat other people like shit, get embarrassed, get stuck in dead end jobs, get divorced and die alone. So enjoy your very mature life, bro.

Stay Strong,

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Jessica said...

gosh that's a great blog. It's true. If you grow up and forget about all the awesome, silly parts of life you GET OLD. You ARE a responsible guy, and you don't even LOOK your age lol. I'm glad your'e a bigger man than to let crap like that get under your skin Sam