Friday, January 15, 2010

Mostly Blogging

Hey Folks,

Mostly I'm sitting here killing time. But Mostly I'm trying to pretend I can be creative on the fly.

I have a show tonight, my group Donut Video is going to be on the UCB stage for a whopping 10 minutes. It's pretty intense I know. How on earth could well possibly fill ten whole minutes with improv!?

Well don't fear - we're ready. We ran like a hundred ten minute drills last night, and at least half of them were funny. So we've got this, mostly.

I should have pictures - to distract you from the fact that I'm Mostly not talking about anything.

There, I find Mostly no need to explain this picture. Though I do tend to find it creepy. Because of this.

Anyway, so I've killed all the time I think is possible, Mostly.
And I guess I should start thinking about getting ready for my show tonight. I need to try to do something to get my voice back, it's really scratchy from coughing and that's no good, mostly.

Stay Strong,