Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How to Waste A Tuesday

So a few days ago I ran in to Joesph. Wait let's go back.

So a few weeks ago I met Joesph. Wait Let's go back.

So a few years ago I saw Joesph.

Yea that's it that's the begining. I've been living in the same place almost 9 years now, about 2 years ago this great little cafe opened up down the street and since then myself and a bunch of other regulars have been there often 4 or more days a week. I don't put a lot of effort into meeting new people. I don't know what it is. I used to be really open to meeting people, and these days I'd rather just watch from a far.

The other day I saw this guy I've seen a couple thousand times and I just thought, what the fuck, just acknowledge each others existence. So I said hi, we talked briefly and hazzah i promptly forgot his name and vice versa.

A few days ago I ran in to him again and we started talking, he told me he was going to be directing his first film. So having no real obligations I said "well if you ever need a guy with dreads, let me know" and he paused looked at his paperwork and said he'd see me on set Tuesday.

So I arrive on set meet some people and hang out.
I proceed to hang out for about 6 hours. Though here and there they needed someone to have in the background. So I got to sit somewhere else.

then finally I delivered my line, twice and bam that was it.
Such is the life.

But in all honesty it was a good way to kill a day. Lot's of good people, ran in to an aquantance on set, which was cool and I got to talk to the executive producer and he invited me to email him about some of the scripts I've got laying around. So cross your fingers!

and with that, I'm off to go shoot a documentary.

Stay Strong,