Sunday, January 11, 2009

Proud to be Narcissistic

Well there's a new web craze pulling in all the vainest of the vain, so I hopped on the band wagon because you've got to keep up with the jones or the ijustines.. or the smoshes w/e bastardized web version of the cliche need apply. So without further ado and stuff check out my profile. I'm actually alot higher then I thought I'd rank. I expected to come in around 1200+ so I guess i'm twice as good as I think. There's a learning lesson for you. I really wish I knew anything about programming I could set up a site like this that played off peoples want of cewebrity and pull in some revenue. Anyone out there a programmer that wants to work for cash on the back end?

Stay Strong,



JohnOfJordan said...

Frankly I think you'll find most of that site relates to mentions of your name or other webservices (twitter, etc.) that you specify when you sign up. So having fifty billion blogs probably helped you immeasurably with your ranking. ;)

SamProof said...

Plus JOJ it counts stickam and doesn't count blogTV!