Tuesday, January 06, 2009

By The Power of Grayskull I Haz the Ring of Fire!

I'm being extravagant, I have a covered story - I haven't slept in 24+ hours so "my judgment is impaired". Not that I'm really doing to much of any particular outlandish thing.

(ok side note, some girl next to me is talk to this guy and has been making the 'jerk off' motion for a full minute. ok she stopped. I wish I could have heard what inspired so much jerking.)

ok back to me. Hi I'm awesome, I can say that because sleeplessnessocity has impaired my judgment. This is essentially the sleep depp blog equivalent of Drunk Texting. There's no Googgogles for this. I haz the power! Yay Grayskully.


I wish I had a sword right now. So what outlandish things did I do in my sleep deprived state? Oh baby get ready for a cavalcade of action packed awesomity.

• I started my continuation of the day by watching something like 6 episodes of Battlestar Galactica Season 2 - Holy shit dudes, they made robots look like us, and the robots... dude... dude.. srsly check it... srsly... they fucking rebelled! what are the odds? (But for real I'm just now catching up, and it's awesome. Great show.)

• Then I watched the worst thing to ever happen to Fantasy ever. It's called 'The Legend of Some Douche Bag' or 'legend of the seeker' or '8 Rules about shutting the fuck up' - I could seriously go on ad naseium about just how bad this show is, but my friend assured me, nobody watches it. So it'll all go away like a bad dream. I'm just going to say this "Helicopter Shots" and fantasy don't mix, and a CG arrow no matter how slow and matrixy you get - would still be fucking blurry you stupid...#$@#@%$ - mk done.

• After this I showered and did dishes, because our building hasn't had hot water in as long as I'd been awake plus some. - I know, super crazy.

• I consulted my friend quickly on the pros and cons of food choices and made my way to the sushi place. They have a happy hour, I did me some damage : California Roll, Hamachi and Salmon Sushi - I even took a picture, it's awesome. I don't have my cable to download it from the camera, so just trust me looking at this picture. I want to make fuck to wasabi. you heard me.

• Now things really get out of hand, I head over to Borders and sit down copying information for magazines that might publish excerpts from my novel & or poetry or short stories. - I know, right? I did something that might better me. That's pretty fucked up - who does that?

• Eventually (after running in to an old friend and totally, not hitting on her) I made my way up to the cafe. Yep the one I spend 4 or more days a week at. I know, "how odd", you're words not mine. I got myself a coffee, I just want to make it to 8 or 9 pm I don't think there's any fear of this waking me up.

• and lastly I wrote this mother fucking blog. Word son.

I know - lock me away, shove the keys up Christopher Walkin's butt. You've got some weird ideas my friend. I like you. Did I ever tell you, what the queers are doing to the soil?

I just want to say one thing before you judge me. You read this. So who's the crazy one?

This should probably have more pictures and links, but I can't be bothered to make it make sense so this is happening:

Lobster Cash

Stay Strong,



John Lacey said...

I have this horrible feeling I'll be staging an intervention shortly.

Oh well, break out the Dr. Phil-isms.