Thursday, January 15, 2009

Long Ass Day

God what a day.

• Put up a new video, just a quick vlog about the youtube gathering in Hollywood Saturday (see below).

• Shot two tapes of footage for the documentary I'm producing. More on that later. Shooting again Friday!

• Got home, ate, and then rushed off to Digg Nation live at the knitting factory
• Met lots of people (thanks to Web Photog Extraordinaire Wm. Marc Salsberry) including This girl & Lala from Tiki.

• Walked from knitting factory to UCB (and I've been exhausted since) - crossed paths twice with a girl with green hair. If I believe in fate I would have thought I should say something, but whatever.

• Watched an awesome show with the Return of Ben Schwartz to Kadammit (they won, again) and then walked home, blogged and off to bed.

Tomorrow - do less.

oh yea here's the video:

Stay Strong,