Saturday, January 03, 2009

Year in Review

So I'm sitting back trying to remember 2008.

It whipped on by, and 2009 doesn't seem to be stopping speed. Probably doesn't hurt that I'm up at night all by myself and I sleep the day away, but such is life. I'm trying to turn it around but whatever.

Point being, 2008 was all in all pretty amazing. It was certainly a whirl wind, and honestly I think I went out on top. I mean hell I was just on the youtube front page a month ago. Before that I tore up Nanowrimo and pumped out 50,000+ words in to what will hopefully be my second completed novel. And I went through 4 levels of improv classes at UCB, not to mention Sketch 101. So all in all this year was a success.

Of course, being so busy I can't even remember the last date I officially went on, let alone the last time I had sex, or the last girl I kissed - or even held in a close embrace. I'm sure it must have happened, and maybe if I wasn't so highly caffeinated I could focus and remember... or maybe it didn't happen - in which case this year has been a failure.

But I know something else - time keeps moving, and I've cleaned up a lot of things(talk about new layouts here and here!), including my apartment and my driving situation, so it's ready to take some chances and get messy again. 2008 is over and I'm ready to muck up twenty aught nine real good.

Let's get fucking dirty!

Stay Strong,