Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sleepless nights and Sleepercar - a tale of two ironies

So anyone following my Twitter, my plurk, my facebook status and a dozen other social networking notifyers know I stayed up all night.

Truth of the matter is, I didn't worm my way out of bed till 6pm in the first place. I've been sick, which is true and yet that's only half the excuse. I'm nocturnal. I always have been, the best thing I learned in High School was how to sleep in class without getting got.

It's not like I'm wasting my time i just have a natural propensity for a non diurnal existence. I spend my waking hours very much like anyone would spend daylight hours. I'm productive, I do things, I create, I eat, I search, I play, I relax and I exist.

My existence has been lacking in music lately. I haven't bought music in forever, and more to the point in this world of the internet and easily obtainable back doors to music.... let's just say - my iTunes has barely changed in 5 years. the playlist has actually grown smaller and smaller as I've moved it all through 3 different computers.

So in making my rounds last night I sought out leads to new bands, I picked up the trail from the broken pieces of 'At the Drive-in' and arrived eventually at 'SleeperCar' a side project from a man who I've met several times through out my life, and I hope he still calls me friend should he ever think of me.

I've been listening to this track for a while now, it's pretty much awesome. If you love this song as much as I do, feel free to leave me musical suggestions.

Sleepercar "A Broken Promise"

Stay Strong,