Friday, January 02, 2009

Failpire - Fails upward!

Hey Folks,

So here's a quick run down on some thing you may or may not know about.

Since July of last year I've been hosting 'Failpire' a weekly late night style talk show, that include interview guests, live musical performances, and a cavalcade of funny videos.
So what's coming up?
New Schedule - early time and more days
Give Aways - in fact if you sign up to you'll already be entering to win one of ten mystery prizes I'll be giving our weekly, starting the last week of January.
Wiki-Pire - yep we've set up a wiki all about past guests, videos, etc Check it out here and sign up for free to help edit!
Facebook - We've got a fanpage
Short Race - yep Short Race - the 100 hour video challenge is coming back, in a day and time to give you the weekend to create your video submissions!
Video Promotion - Upload your funniest, videos for a chance to be played on Failpire to thousands of viewers and have your video featured on out front page.
Pictures and more - I've finally gotten in to the backlog of pictures so check em out!
Stay Strong,