Friday, January 02, 2009

Welcome to the Future - this is your TV Show

Seems like just yesterday, or the day before, it was 2008. A whole year ago. yup, ah. The majesy, the glory. A clean slate ahead of us, endless amounts of time and plotting, and potential spans out before us like a Machiavellian flow chart. We have but to want to succeed. That's what the secret would have you believe anyway.

But here's the sad bitter truth about the human condition.

We believe in 'The Sit Com' that tried and true entertainment standard. We believe in 'The Hero's Journey' all our favorite movies follow it to an exemplified T. Double Crossed and Super Blue, now in stainless steel.

So what's it teach us?

The human condition is made better through suffering.

If the Hero gets the girl, The shows over.
If the criminal makes all amends on his list, there's no interesting drama to come forth.
If the advertising firm partner fess's up to his entire life being fictitious and his life being full of affairs and casual encounters - wait actually things pretty much stay shitty for that guy.

My point is, we have this deep ingrained knowledge of "Story", that's why movies follow the same patterns, that's why Cliche's continue to exist. Because somewhere deep in our sense of being, we believe that has to be, for a good story.

And now we've entered in to this world where the internet has lead us all to believe Andy Warhol was not only right, but completely obliviously too how much of an understatement he was making.

We're not all going to get out 15 seconds of fame, we're going to all grow to believe our lives are Sit Coms and movies.

We have our own Soundtracks
We have our own Public Relations
We have our own secret belief that we're the center of something great.

So we have our own secret belief, we need to suffer, we need drama, we need to make a pretty good story for everyone else.

And it keeps us from fulfilling the things we want the most.

If you get the girl - your story is over
If you get a good job, a promotion, record deal, gallery contract, published - Season over
If you become famous - end of the series

but that's the facade. we all know LIFE GOES ON.
no matter what happens next life will be there waiting for you.

So take risks. Don't sit around like a lemming visualizing success. Go be successful.

Stay Strong,



John Lacey said...

Few people die at the height of their success (except, occassionally, at their own hand). Life does go on. Whether you're in the best situation or the worse situation of your life right now - that will morph and change too. There will be new (better?) challenges, new (more interesting?) opportunities and goals. But it is important to take a moment and be grateful for how far you've come and where you are in this present moment. And equally important to dream and scheme about where you might end up later.

P00P0STER0US said...

Holy crap what a super post.
Bravo sir, bravo. I often live my life like it's a movie, except I don't try to create drama nor do I seek it in others. I also think it'd be great to have a good job I enjoy and lots of money. I'd consider that the beginning of something, not the end :o) But humanity is full of patterns. I just don't like the fact that movie producers think we're stupid, or so caught up in the emotion of their movies that we don't notice it's full of obvious plot holes and unrealistic dialog. Or that in the middle of a raging battle, two people could actually have a whispered conversation. Besides all that though, it's probably hard enough making a movie at all let alone making it amazing. I suppose the planets have to be aligned to some extent to make amazing big budget work. Where am I going with this...nowhere I guess. Such is the movie of my life. Straight to dvd, no porn.