Sunday, January 25, 2009

Miss America 2009 - Miss Indiana Katie Stam (Bikini pics)

Hey Folks,

So here it is, Saturday night Katie Stam, Miss Indiana was crowned the 88th winner in this national pageant.

Here she is looking all happy and surprised, getting ready to thank all the little people and Jesus. (I love midgets and Mexicans too, I mean come on who doesn't!)

The news reports she was fought through a throat infection to win the $55,000 prize - and honestly I'd do the same thing if I have a chance. So good for her. Bravo. I hope you like maps.

Here's the thing about all this. I had no idea. Not that I care that I missed the chance to place wagers on bikini clad vixens. but I feel somehow my responsibility of an overly masculine hooligan has been shirked. So since I missed the big moment instead I present you with Katie Stam from the bikini competition:

Well there you have it. I think. I mean seriously I did like 3 minutes of research on this. But I feel my job as a shovenist pig has been reinstated and I can sleep tight knowing that.

So say good bye to What's her name, good old 19 yr old Miss 2008. She's all washed up. But let's get one final salute from her.

and God bless (miss) America

Stay Strong,



Anonymous said...

Midgets and Mexicans...HAHAHAHAHA!!! So funny! Her body is hot. For that reason, I think she's a great pic!
~ Renie

SamProof said...

Yea she's aok. Though I do prefer last years model.

and honestly since I didn't find pictures of the other 50 some girls I guess I can't really pick some one I prefer.

ecrunner said...

C'mon look at all these photos! They all look the same! Why is this show still airing?! Aren't we over it yet!