Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Non Production Day #9


Today was supposed to be our ninth day shooting, but I woke up to an amazing array of stabbing pains in my stomach, two hours later when they were still attacking me I called off the shoot. Apparently much to Luis' relief as he wasn't feeling to go either.

I blame the gray skies, or that turkey and bacon sandwich I had last night, or the ice cream.

Honestly I have no idea what the hell went down. I went back to bed and woke up at 6pm, aside from feeling dehydrated all other pains have stopped.

So anyway as promised yesterday here is a picture from the interview with Gallery Curator Mike Russek.

I'm gonna throw a new one of Luis and a painting up over at The Luis Sanchez Story

Stay Strong,



JohnOfJordan said...

Look after yourself Mr. Proof. And see a medical type person if symptoms persist.

(Meanwhile the capcha code on this is "worses." Grammatically flawed AND ominous all at once.)