Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Production Day # 8 - Interview with Mike Russek


Today was a short and sweet one. I started the day running around and getting packed up. Headed over to Edgewise and picked up some tapes to shoot on. Think I need to order a large quantity of tapes online somewhere, even at a tape house the retail costs are ridiculous!

inspite of LA traffic and rain made good time to downtown and set up in Artist/Curator Mike Russek. Mike is a great artist who works in plastics, faux fur and wood. Somewhere between sculpture and furniture. He curated the art gallery at the Lucent L’amour event I tapes on Valentine's Day.

The really nice thing about this was
• It was our first Interview (aside from Luis himself)
• First change of location (aside from the Lucent event)
• Started to really explore Luis' LA past

Next shoot day isn't till maybe next Wednesay.

Got some pictures I'll be throwing up at The Luis Sanchez Story (Indiegogo)

Stay Strong,