Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Awesomecon 2009 - The Wrath of Kahn.

Hey Folks,

Man doing the whole 4 day ComicCon thing was fucking nuts and fucking draining. I'm so fucking drained I feel drunk, but like a glass water feels not like an alcoholic. (yes I just ripped off Douglas Adams - wtf do you want from me)

Awesome Con '09 however was - like a fucking mini oasis in the middle of the storm inside a burrito. (yes I just ripped off... actually I don't remember what I just ripped off - that's how out of it I am - what are you gonna do about it, fight me?)

Originally I was going to post these pictures (see below) on the Raz Fan page
But it was all "um you can't post a picture in the fan section if you the administrator, you're not a fan - a der!" then it made a bunch of monkey sounds at me. Whatever facebook, eat my ass. (yea I probably just ripped off 20 comedians from the 80's but no one knows who the fuck they are anymore).

Then I figured out there's a whole seperate section to upload pics in to for... so here they are. Who's making monkey sounds now bitch?!

Raz and the Guys
Tim and Mother F'ing Eric yo.

Where's all's mah Gravies!?
You bastards!!!

Oh yea that's right- this is what he does. He sits on you!

this is me and the icecreamman.com crew
they totally followed me around and became my posse.

And here's a few pics I found online already from super fans! You guys rule. I'm always shocked when someone tells me how much they like Raz or even recognize me. It's my own personal Awesomecon.

So if you have your own pics with me, or just from awesomecon leave them in a comment below. I'd love to see them.

Stay Strong,