Monday, July 27, 2009

Cameo on Fury of Solace

Hey Folks,

Comic con was more then just a spectators sport for me.. well more or less, it's not like I was running a booth, on a panel or in an official signing (though many autographs and pics were taken).

However while I was there I hooked up with the gang from Fury of Solace.
If you haven't heard of it check out
Originally an entry in the Doctor Horrible DVD Contest - FOS was created as a musical super hero video to apply to the Evil League of Evil

FOS was over looked - but instead of taking that as a defeat creator Emmet turned Fury into an episodic, an online comic and a whole ARG (Alternate Reality Game) thing encompassng several twitter accounts and websites.

And while I was at ComicCon the guy threw me in front of the camera for a sort of cameo roll.

Go Watch the episodes here

Here's me in Fury of Solace : 'Who Wants to Work for Mason International?'

Stay Strong,