Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Best Worst Thing at ComicCon 2009

Hey Folks,

There was a great number of amazing things at Comic Con

Cool Toys

Hanging with Celebs:

I know I took pics of celebs that are probably more famous, Rob Zombie, Adam Baldwin - but for me scoring this pic with Ben's Daughter Alex, played by Tania Raymonde was the tops.

Beautiful Women (Dressed like skanks)
thank you Ladies, you've inspired me to write my own comic book!

and the there was this:

The Watchmen - Comedian & Silk Specter by you.

There's nothing better then recreating a brutal rape scene in 3 Dimensions of reality.

They're portrayl of the most memorable, dare I even say best scene in The Watchmen was so awe inspiring I had to step in. That dude was so on I almost escape the picture with my own life!

Even better then the accuracy of the costumes, the sensationalizing of domestic violence and rape is probably the fact that these kids were 16 give or take a year.

So if you even considered spanking it to these pics you're fucked.

My only regret is not documenting this from a multitude of angles for all you pervs. RHComics, I'm thinking of you here buddy. <3


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