Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comic Con Day 0 - I'm already gonna die

Hey Folks,

Man ComicCon is going to kill me. There's just not enough time in the day and no time to get on the internet when the day is done. I may have to pony up for a 13 dollar a day Wifi fee at the convention center. At least maybe for just one day.

So real Quick I've been hanging out with some Guildies, Fans of Felicia Day's webseries 'The Guild'.

Tonight the Guildies and I had Dinner with Fernando Chien & director Sean Becker of the Guild as well as Kenny and Jenni from the Knights of the Guild Podcast, Edgar the web guy and the boys from Fury of Solace.

They took lots of pictures (Better then the one I got)

The apparently I was bitten by a very short vampire.

So Tomorrow I may or may not be able to broadcast Failpire. IDK - I'm not going to stress it. After everything that's happened this past week I'm a little burnt out. So I need to just relax and not go crazy. Honestly I'm not so sure I even want to go to ComicCon Tomorrow (Thursday), I feel like just vegging. But who knows.

Stay Strong,


PS this is not a clever True Blood tie in, like that Gillette ad. Though now that I've mentioed it, both True Blood and Gillette own me monies.