Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Last Week I made something amazing, moar epic. I'm talking of course about the Starblazers theme song. Since then I've been flooded with old memories of evil blue dudes, Wave Motion Cannons and the coolest spaceship ever. The Argo.

But this ain't no jason and the Argonauts shit. I'm talking a full fledged WWII style sky sailing, space force battle ship.

I was lead down a path of ancillary research (maybe I should have been working, maybe I should have been eating or sleeping... but who knows.)

So with a little help from Ravenlaughs, I came up with a list of other peoples takes on this epic theme song (that anyone who saw this show as a child can probably remember word for word). Ironically enough non of these version include the use of a cowbell... who knew, guess I'm super cutting edge.

Speaking of edge I'd really like to find a punk cover of this song.

The Orchestra Approach

The Cutsie Little Girl Approach


But Nothing beats the original (original English version that is)

Stay Strong,