Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Les Misbarack

It's a long crazy story that led me to find this nugget. I've been going to an Improv Execution weekly to dave my friends neck from the comedic chopping block. Last night there was an upset as Judge JD Walsh (from Ultimate Improv) eliminated someone after producing a livejournal entry from his pocket in which the girl declared she had simply snuck into the game, no audition.

So being a webhead I tried to find the path, the livejournal, the guilty blog entry - hoping for some kind of car crash flash back. But instead I found this. This truly awesome accomplishment. Directed by JD Walsh and featuring several of the improv kids from the execution and Ultimate Improv.

I hope you enjoy and appreciate that and no one has to explain to you why it's good. Now back on track to sleuthing this modern day Frank Abagnale Jr.

Oh and JD Walsh - I assume if you found that girls LJ entry you're bound to find this, probably have a google alert all set up. So hi.

Stay Strong,