Saturday, February 06, 2010

Send Your Bread to Prison!

Hey Folks,

The day you've all been waiting for has finally come! No longer will we be slaves to our bread, no more smoke alarms, no more scraping blacked ends off our toast. That's right now you can send bad bread to Prison! Yay!

The New Vision Toaster lets you watch your toast sweat on the chair. They claim it's so you can see to make sure it doesn't burn, but we know the truth - with feature like toughened glass, Visual Control and a Extra lift lever, it's clear the designers had jail cell's on the bread mind. And don't get me started with the Extra wide slots - I mean come on!

Sadly this £160 bread warden by Magimix Vision Toaster is currently available in the UK, so us US breadwinners are still going to have to bring home the bread the old fashioned way.

Stay Strong,



John Lacey said...

Do you put the nail file in before or after toasting?