Thursday, February 18, 2010

A funny thing happened to me on the way home from improv...

Hey Folks,

I've had a weird feeling all day, swear. Mostly I thought it was all the victory food I'd been eating to celebrate.

So tonight after my improv practice I head off to get in my car and drive home. I have stuff to do! I click my bobble and the car chirps to life (interestingly with no sigh of having gone off - usually it'll chirp a certain way if it had been activated. Today, normal).

I do a double take, cause even though I've hit the alarm and it responded, the car doesn't look like mine... then my brain makes the connection - There's a rock where I should have a wheel.


As my friend Quentin asks:

My Answer : Criminals.

But that's not all, they also took the front wheel cover.

But hey - they left me two lug nuts. So After going back in to our rehearsal space and grabbing Max, and his sisters jack I throw the spare on and can actually make it home. Where I am now.

I don't even know what to do from here. It's not something I'm going to waste on the cops, my insurance won't give two shits about it... so all I can do is wait until morning and go drop more money that I don't have to get a new one (and rim, tire and all).

Awesome. I hope this got you laid ass hat.

Stay Strong,



Michael Midnight said...

That totally sucks Sam. I can relate. Just this noon I discovered that someone knicked parts of my hubcap off. Luckily my tires were still on. It's strange, today was also "weird" by my estimations. Hopefully karma will look fondly on the both of us!

SamProof said...

Ugh Lame Micheal, sorry to hear that man!

I blame the recession.

boobookitty said...

look on the bright side. they could have taken all 4 tires!

Horse said...

WTF?! Try going to Pick-A-Part for the wheel, they have good deals, but you'll have to remove it yourself.

SamProof said...

@boobookitty oh I'm well awake & thankful for that. Though I have an odd feeling they may have intended too and were just scared off.

@Horse I think I'm just going to find a place up here in my neck of the woods, but thanks!