Monday, February 08, 2010

Ringo gets a Starr.. I mean Star.

Hey Folks,

So I'm sitting here at Village Pizza, when the owner comes rushing through complaining to his staff that some very important pizza's were supposed to go out at 7, and it's barreling down on 7:30.

He rushes by, gives me a fist bump (as is our traditional of regular customer and guy that gets my money without complaints!).. and he says "Ringo's getting his star today, in front of Capital Records. Now."

It's only two blocks so I slam down my pizza and head out the door.

I immediately remember putting my camera battery in it's charger and thinking, I bet I'm gonna want to take pictures of something today. Thanks intuition, you're awesome.

When I first get there the crowd is just gathering, there's maybe 300 people. By the time I leave it's easily 3000.

So armed with only my cell phone I charge into the chaos, sending out twitter updates of the action.

So here before me the former Beatles drummer stands IRL and on a medium sized Jumbotron. He is awarded star number 2,401 on the famed walkway in front of the Capitol Records building, which is basically the Beatles second home.

Ringo at one point remarks "It's nice to be standing in front of the building we paid for" and gets a big laugh. almost as big a Laugh as the BOO Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gets from the crowd. Awkward!

Several people speak including Joe Walsh, Ben Harper and Councilmen Tom LaBonge (who I recently met at my old zoo excursion!)

At age 70, Starr is the first living Beatle to receive a star on the Walk of Fame.

Both John Lennon and George Harrison have received posthumous honors. I'm betting Paul McCartney will immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard soon. And I'll be there to see it.

Stay Strong,