Friday, February 19, 2010

Onward Ho! Team NerdProof Plans in action

Hey Folks,

This snowball is rolling along! Everyday seems to be a new barrage of emails and things to fill out, and send back to Ford - And I like it that way.

The moments after I've filled out the paperwork, sent in the pictures, replied to the emails... I'm just sitting there (unless some one steals a wheel off my car, then I'm thinking up creative curses to enchant the thief like "May you find yourself the recipient of an itchy distended spleen" OR "I hope you get Super AIDS" - I learned this from my dear friend Jim Tucker, who has all but disappeared from life.) So I like the momentum of things to do and be done and sent away in to the ether.

Today my inbox looks like this:

Today "this shit, just got real yo"

To start with we got our NDA's which I'll have to sit down with later, print out, skim over, pretend I comprehend, and then sign away my life. I find it pretty ironic to have an NDA for what is essentially a gigantic PR/Social Media campaign.

I think they should probably have a MDA (Mandatory Disclosure Agreement)
I could only guess what those stipulations would be like
  • Please disclose the awesomeness of the product (in a postive light)
  • Tweet often about the fun the product brings to you
  • Dailybooth at least every two days for 4 months pictures of you enjoying the product
  • Blog at least once a month how sexually arousing the product makes you feel.

And now here's a picture.

I'm still futzing around with the text (fonts, colors, layer styles...) so if you have opinions let me know!

Stay Strong,



Sunny said...

I was a little confused by the NDA as well but some of the stuff mentioned does make sense. I have to say though, I'm pretty excited about some of the other stuff mentioned in the contract. I'd share it here but I just faxed my NDA an hour ago.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing they have contacted all 20 teams by now. Didn't get in the first chapter and doesn't look like we're in the second either...bummer. Looks like a great opportunity. Hope you guys have a blast. Best of luck.

SamProof said...

@Sunny - I've actually been too busy today to look over it yet! Gonna sit down with it tomorrow over coffee and see what's what.

I can't wait to just get started already.

@S34ochacki - That sucks, I'd love to try and get everyone who wanted to be in it involved when we start doing things