Sunday, February 28, 2010

Light, Camera, Actions Items List

Hey Folks,

First off what an amazing weekend.
What amazing people (both behind the scenes and behind the cars).

I'm super excited to see what the other agents do, but I'm even more excited to see the ideas I've already started plotting out come to fruition.

Speaking of seeing things.

7 hours ago, I'm behind the wheel of a car speeding along the private Ford racetrack - The Proving Grounds... and then I'm touching down in LAX and racing off to see my first sketch that is being performed at IO West (formerly the improv olympic- which is ironically playing the winter olympics in their bar even though they were forced to change their name to IO by said program)

Back track - racing to watch 1st sketch in IO's top Story Weekly, a Weekend Update/Onion style news sketch show.

I just started writing for them, this is merely the 2nd sketch I turn in - and it's one of 3 that appear as headlines on the program cover for the show. (Pumped? yes, yes I am).

The Sketch "Lady Navy" is about the lift on the ban of women in Submarines.

My amazing cast is:
Artemis Pebdani
Derek Reid
Baille Des Rocher
Jimmy Guidish
Matt Moore

Yes, that's right the same Artemis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Now that's a great capper to the caper that was this weekend.

I gotta crank out some things

here's my action items list:
  • upload pics to flickr (from the weekend)
  • tag stuff #fiestaLA or #fiestamovement (talk about, "check, done" (just then, see what I did(I like Parenthesis!)))
  • Showering
  • go unconscious
  • start again
  • pow wow with Jen - kick ass, take names, write apologies to families of those who's asses have been kicked.

Stay Strong,