Monday, March 08, 2010

Music Monday Top 5 March 8th - Anthems

Hey Folks,

Anthems have always been reserved for countries and schools, establishments and such. But there are those songs that you pull every now and then because some phase of your life is changing, or changed, coming to an end or a new begining.

These are my anthems

5) Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot
Why: I pull this song up every time I just need to get my day going, kick myself in the pants. It's a motivator and a great song

4) Gray Matter - Head
Why:I don't know how this came to be, but this is my audition song. the night Before, or that last thing I do before bolting out the door to an audition is listen to this song.

3) Pegboy - Strong Reaction
Why: Similar to the previous two songs, or almost a combination therein possibly. This song is my fist pumping, get me out the door song.

2) The Damned - New Rose
Why: New Rose comes out when I'm done sulking about past relationships and I'm ready for further punishment from the female species. I almost have to wonder if looking it up for this list, in itself isn't a sign of it's timely arrival to something new... ladies? hmmm

1) Hüsker Dü - New Day Rising
Why: When all else fail, when the ships have been turned over and the skies have gone gray - There is this title track from one of my all time favorite punk bands. New Day Rising is a bullet of adrenaline shot strait in to your heart and there is no room for anything left in it's wake. It's go time.

So, what are you Anthems for different phases in your life?

Stay Strong,