Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My Eyes Are Opened

Hey Folks,

I really hope this doesn't come off pompous, but I've suddenly become very aware of my own potential.

You know all those High School reports that said you weren't living up to your potential? I always thought those were BS lies, something they had to say. Like a father has to tell his daughter she's a beautiful princess, or tell his son he could be president.

It's all just a habitual lie we've learned to tell.

And not to doubt my own abilities, I've always know I had my own one man creative abilities. I've always had a "if you want something done right you've got to do it yourself" kind of attitude, which is why I've learned to do just about everything.

But now, with a focus (and let's not lie, a decent budget and the Ford name) behind me - I've come to see just how many things I could have been doing.

I think I want to create myself a new title 'Social Media Cross Promotion King' (still not pompous, right? sweet.)

I'd go in to details about this, but until I have things completed I'm going to fall back on my superstition of not jinxing things and keep quiet on the details.

But oh man - cool things are coming!

Stay Strong,