Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Past Has Saved Me!

Hey Folks,

Oh Snapple two days in a row of blogging?! I know right, totally.

So as I sit here scarfing down Fresh & Easy brand frozen lasagna, I'm hard pressed for a topic. Do I talk about:

  • The horrible Jack in the Box I ate today?
  • The girl I thought was smiling at me at the cafe (but had a friend sitting behind me)?
  • The T-shirt endorsement I may have just gotten?
No! Let's talk about bags.

I feel like I have the worst luck when it comes to bags, back packs mostly. Straps break, zippers jam, everything falls apart.

My backpack has been slowly dying. It's one of those two tab chumpies, do at least when the first one fails you've got another tab to close the zipper and maintain appearances for months... but you still know what's coming. It's like looking in to the eyes of a kid about to get his tonsels removed. You tell them you'll go for ice cream, but you know. This is going to be hell.

Yesterday was Hell day.

The zipper gave up completely. I reverted back to a laptop bag. Single strap dealie. it's nice and all, and if I hadn't walked all over town with it full to the brim of laptop, note books, pens, charger, camera, card reader, external drive, GORP, and whatever the hell else I decided I absolutely needed - I might not have woken up like the hunchback of Notre Dame.

So today I went on a search through my backpack graveyard - I have no idea why I keep them. I think somewhere inside I think they can be fixed, saved, given ice cream to distract them from the pain.

But I found it - one shiny little survivor. A back pack nearly as old as me in fact. Older then all the others combined maybe.

It reads in little yellow embroidery ARROWHEAD DAY CAMP 3 year camper

It's a throw back from my childhood, something I didn't even know I had until my mom sent me a box of "stuff I probably wanted" which included an Oreo shaped travel cookie holder, a track shirt from Lower Merion and 2 books that I'd never purchased.

but there it was two straps and all the zippers still functioning.

This thing has survived nearly 3 decades. I don't why. Maybe It survived out of need, out of sheer will power, out of supierior technology, maybe it hates ice cream?

But today my past saved me. And my back is thankful.

Stay Strong,


PS on my daily booth I'm asking what you still have from camp. So what do you still hold on to?